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Your circuit is fine. I will check the code and update. I think this is causing the problem. I guess it should loop from i = 0 to i < 16. The lcdbuf1 and lcdbuf2 doesn't contain anything and hence 1st coloum of lcd will be always blank but the 16th column will be filled. If you have proteus file then Zip and post (...)
You can use proteus from You can draw schematic, simulate and make PCB layout in it.
Here is my lcd code. See if that works for you. I have created lcd library similar to mikroC lcd library. Uncheck the lcd library in library manager before using my code. I have tested this in both proteus and hardware and it works. change this char ldg="MiKroC"; to this char ldg="MiKroC"; [/syntax
You have to use float or double type variables and use FloatToStr() function. I have answered to a similar question in your another thread. I have fixed the code as you need. I have tested in proteus 8.1
hii, i want to connect 16x2 lcd (blue color screen) to the pic 16f877a. The code is running correctly with proteus. but when i made the circut it will not working.i tried many times, first it worked for some extend. it means not the correct code, part of the code. now it only appears black color boxes. i designed this circuit to measure the rainfal
I write a code in assembly for 16x2 lcd display,but it does not display the ASCII code which given in the code.I use pic16f1936 uC at 4 MHz internal osc. My display interface is 8 bit mode with my controller. Now my problem is when I start the animation play button, all the connected pin work as well,but it display nothing.I don't understand wha
hello everyone, Here is the proteus simulation of my code.I am just trying to display temp on lcd screen but when i connect lm 35 to any of ad pin then lcd is displaying any garbage values and without connecting the sensor lcd is working i m just printing "pra" while no ADC code is running. 107060 [ATTACH=
If I define a custom character that uses the lowest (8th) pixel row also, this row is never displayed, although the HD44780 datasheet says this: The 8th line is the cursor position and its display is formed by a logical OR with the cursor. Maintain the 8th line data, corresponding to the cursor display position, at 0 as the curs
Hi everybody! I'm working on the PIC16F887 trying to make a temperature sensor using LM35 and displaying temperature on lcd 16x2. In the beginning I used 7 segments and it worked fine. Then, I copied some code I found online for lcd and it works on proteus simulation. However, when using hardware the lcd just shows some (...)
Hello friends, I am sharing a code for driving 16x2 lcd. The MCU Uses only two pins for lcd. Full code, Hex file and proteus simulation are attached. I got it from internet but i made small changes for better operation. CD4094 Shift register will plays the main roll..Hope it will help you...:-)
Hi, I am trying to make simple Increment counter based on push switch. When i press switch the counter increments on lcd(16x2) but varialble(Incrementing) again goes to zero in next cycle. I have define that variable as Volatile so it won't be affected by Optimization of GCC compiler. My Code and proteus File Attached. Just when we press but
hi everybody i have a problem to simulate my code-vision code in proteus, when i start simulating, it's come error same as title, my code an proteus image is below, please help me to solve it. thanks in advanced. 105525 /******************************************************* This program was created by the Cod
Hi there! I am basically a newbie in microcontrollers and proteus VSM. I am not sure if i posted this on the right category. I want to create a project in proteus VSM using a microcontroller and I don't know which PIC16 IC will I use. I can't understand assembly but I have used Arduino for about six months now. I have read about writing in
Hi friends, I am new to pic32 bit microcontroller. I am learning the basic codes like LED,lcd,PWM etc. I found that there is no simulator for pic32 bit microcontroller. For example proteus for 8 bit controllers. If there is any simulator for pic32 bit microcontrollers? If there is no simulator for pic32 then how can i test my code wi
hello friends, attached with this thread are the circuit diagram and the c codes for lcd based digitalvoltmeter. 104622 104623 104624 It is working perfectly in proteus. My problem is that i want to calibrate it i.e. if the input voltage is1v, instead of showing 1v in the lcd op i
Take a look at these links (and download the libraries): PC keyboard in proteus lcd BarGraph library More lcd, more Sw Uart
hy guyz,i'm working on digital voltmeter and ammeter (130V and 40A,on lcd) using atmega328. it is working well on proteus.but not worknig on verroboard,it shows the constant voltage and current i.e, 130V and 40A(max. does not detect the adc voltage. This is my code. #include LiquidCrystal lcd(7,8,9,10,11
Hi everyone, I am doing a Temperature Monitoring System by using PIC18F4550 with lcd Ampire 128x64. I use CCS C of MPLab plugin to compile the .hex file. And simulate on proteus. My problem is : the display on Ampire 128x64 is unusual. Is there any configuration on Ampire need to done before simulate? I'm new to this. 103250[
Good day, Currently i am designing program for editing numbers using a 44 matrix keypad and 162 lcd display. The code works fine in proteus software.But, when it doesn't function as expected in hardware. Can anyone solve the problem ? Thank you.
Which Compiler and micro-controller are you using? What is its Fosc? You want particular line of display to scroll or is it ok if all the lines of lcd scroll at the same time? Sample moving display project with two different texts. proteus simulation attached.