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Your link is not working. What error are you getting in proteus? Pins used for lcd are not initialized as output pins. P0 needs pull up resistors of 10k.
I was using adc0831 and lm35 with at89s52. Now I am using adc0804 instead. I have written the code, it simulates on proteus but not running on the hardware. I am posting the code I have written. Plz mention if there is any problem. Problem: when I use while (intr == 1) lcd only shows black boxes. and without this statemen
i have a problem with my project!! my project is digital alarm clock with lcd display!! but before doing it i wanted to simulate it on proteus but i am having problem finding lcd jhd162a!(which is a 16 pin).Only lm016l is available which is 14 pin!! how can i use this lcd ?? help will be appreciated101361 . this is the circ
Zip and post project files + proteus file.
The lcd connections shown in post #6 is right. Connect MCLR pin to +5V through a 10k resistor. I meant if you are testing in hardware and not only in proteus, then if you had connected lcd as in post #1 then lcd will be already dead due to applying reverse voltage.
hii im working on wireless transsmission i have to connect to pics 16f877a wirelssly and my probleme is i can't find tx/rx 433 on proteus,and when i lincked with file it didn't ,anyway i need help with coding corret me please and thanks every help is appreciated //////////////////////////////// receiving code sbit lcd_RS at RB
i think in your circuit i don't saw any vdd to supply lcd voltage please bro read carefully proteus help file to how to put VDD and GND ?.
Hi; MikroC for PIC has a PS2 and also an lcd library too: And there is my PS2 simulator library for proteus (with example projects), while this is just for a PIC16 (for now) and in mikroC, not in MPLAB, sorry. But you can use the free compiler too.
Zip and post your proteus file.
Hi.. i have made a ckt using atmega8 for 16*2 lcd .. there is no error shown in code in winavr..but while i run it in proteus 8 nothing is displayed on is also not showing any error...plz help ..i am beginner.. :-( here is my code. .99331 this is pcb layout. 99332
i am using following code to see output in lcd of temperature , i dont understand why output is wrong on lcd on proteus i m giving vref = 2.56V #include sfr adcdata = 0x90; //assigning adc data to port 1 sfr ldata = 0x80 ; //assigning lcd data to port 0 sbit rs=P2^7; // (...)
Shift Left or Right commands shift all the lines of lcd. Zip and post your Atmel Studio Project files + proteus file. What exactly you want? 0x1E and 0x18
post your simple lcd code or proteus simulation file.
Hello There I am very new in C coding for MCUs I am using PIC18F452 +PCF8593 + LM016L proteus 8.00 Mikro C pro pic I am keep having lcd out like Date:45.25.2003. Time:@5:@5:@5 Please I Need serious help Thanks - - - Updated - -
lcd JHD 162A is working in proteus but not working in hardware, we are using Atmel AT89C51 microcontroller. The display occurs momentarily sometimes(rarely 1 or 2 times) but again the lcd turns back into showing bars. We've tried several methods like using simple programs for displaying "Hello" , "WALLE" etc. But again the same problem. (...)
Hi, I need atmega32u4 or teensy2.0 model library for proteus , I don't find it anywhere thanks for your help .... I want to interface teensy2.0 with lcd. and want to test my codes on proteus.
if i never set TI=1 then this code not work in proteus. and if i set TI=1 than 8051 transmit parallel to receiving #include #include #include <lcd.h> sbit RS = P2^1; sbit EN = P2^0; sbit WR1 = P2^2; sbit D0 = P1^0; sbit D1 = P1^1; sbit D2 = P1^2; sbit D3 = P1^3; sbit D4 = P1^4; sbit D5 =
hello, I don't know if comparators have same philosophy in 16F877 as for PIC18Fx6k22 maybe it can help you.. can you post your code.. Not all people have proteus tools.. some works only in real world. I tested Comparators Hardware functions with a joystick (2 potars) to drive a lcd Menu.. and used booth comparator interrupt and pooling
Hello All, I am trying to simulate a HD44780 in proteus (or any other program that may have HD44780) but I can not seem to find the 80 pin chip without the character glass. I just want the chip itself for the simulation. Is it possible to make one from the lcd s in proteus, or is there another way? Thanks.
Hey im trying to interface a glcd with 89c51 mic. But when i creat a circuit and simulated it in proteus with a hex file im getting an error "proteus non- existent pin invert specified by invert lcd U1 lcd U2 ". And nothing is displayed. 9619196192