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you can build and test your code on proteus. Its a very good simulator to test before developing the physical board. I'm sure it will come handy for you for testing.
Hello, I bought a new JHD12864E graphic lcd and PIC18f25k22 microcontroller + 4MHZ crystal, i used Mikroc's Glcd example with changing of Rx to LATx and ANSEL to ANSELA/B/C for this PIC, compiled perfectly, in proteus running perfect (with AMPIRE 128X64) When on hardware connection problem is when Glcd's (...)
kello im trying to display something on lcd when i press some specific button on keypad..the program i wrote compiles correctly but it doesnt work when i load it in proteus plz help... my program is as under char keypadPort at PORTC; sbit lcd_RS at RB4_bit; sbit lcd_EN at RB5_bit; sbit (...)
It uses proteus... Here is an attachment of the modified design. As I know, Mr. Bhargav modified the design because it had some bugs...
Does any one solve this issue i am getting the same data lines ar blinking in lcd but lcd is not displaying any data if i connect a Led than again same only a dot aside is showing ON. Please need you help.....:-(:-(:-(
hi i wrote program for pic uart in hitech-c and i am trying to simulate it in proteus and i need help .I used lcd to display data which i typed in virtual terminal is it works . what is virtual terminal in proteus . is it used to send and receive data from microcontroller . #include #include"lcd.h" void pic_init(); (...)
Try simulate on proteus and this way you can determine if the problem is at the Hardware or at the Firmware. +++
Try to use real hardware not proteus simulator. Final goal is to make some real hardware which works I suppose. Difference is like real girl and some girl photo on monitor screen. :-) Best regards, Peter :wink:
hi i`ve write a simple clock program with atmega8 and ts162 lcd. problem is in proteus it works fine but when i made it curser doesnt go away and always blink beside of last character that has been updated! the initial value for lcd is 0c and I know its working but still i have the problem. any idea which part is the problem?
Hello!! i am using LPC2138 to do some experiment with ARM. Started with LPC2138 Because it is available in proteus. Had write the codes for lcd, UART and LED Blinking but the problem i am facing with ADC is that, it working well in Keil Simulator. But when simulating it in proteus, is creating a problem. Like when i connect POT-HG (...)
I'm :cry:trying to read Temperature and Humidity with SHT11 Sensor. I need someone help to check why am I not getting the correct reading on the lcd, please? I'm using MplabX, proteus : PIC16f2620, lcd Lm032, 10k resistors...Thanks in advance:roll: OpenI2C(MASTER, SLEW_OFF); SSPADD = 45; IdleI2C(); StartI2C();
Hi all, I'm very new in Programming. I would like to realize a project using an Lm032 lcd, A SHT11 Humidity Sensor, PIC18f2620 (mplab, proteus). I went through the device datasheet and I wrote the following code. But the result is terrible. I need assistance please. Tnx in advance.:oops::oops: //#include //#include
proteus ISIS is not considering the configuration bits values, instead, it's using a configuration word set in the device settings which should work fine most of times; the real PIC though has to be properly configured during programming. Include the configuration bits in your code (__CONFIG(WDT_OFF & LVP_OFF ect..)) right aft
how to set adc delay time...when it show in lcd not fixed..freq is 20mhz..,fosc/64...and delay is code
Any lcd code written except mikroC lcd code will work fine with SDCC Compiler. Google for 8-bit and 4-bit lcd code. You can find it at If the delays are proper then it will work in both proteus and hardware. Are you using SDCC Compiler with eclipse Juno. If yes, can you post the sh.exe file. I (...)
HI.. the basic is if you want to set pins from 16 to 23 then IOSET0=0x00ff0000; and to clear only those pins IOSET0=0xff00ffff; that's it.... now if value=0x55; and you want to send it on pins 16 to 23 then IOSET0=(value<<16); check the attached files.. there is proteus simulation too insisde it..:wink: Hope this
If you want to print some text like 'A' or "Hello!" on lcd then you need lcd library or code for lcd. See for 8051, PIC, AVR, lcd projects. You will get code and proteus simulation files there.
High guy ?help me ploz to solve the issue of reading adc value,I am using ccs c compiler,pic16f877a and lcd 16*2;I want to read the adc value on ANO,but the lcd is always showing 0; and the error in proteus is :ADC conversion clock period (1e-7)is possibly invalid for device clock,can you plz help me? see the parts of my codes here below: (...)
no i didnt get till now , how can you use proteus , which have only dspic33f series
hello.. I have weird problem.. when I am simulating adc 0804 with 8051 mc in proteus and displaying on lcd then it gives correct simulation.. but as soon i palce an another adc to convert other input to digital then it stops working.. does anybody knows about this issue?? :???: