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hello everybody, Iam doing a project (RTC+lcd+Alarm using the pic 18f4525) and am using the mikroc PRO as an assembler and the proteus to simulate my project, the project is running successfully , the code is builded with no errors in the mikroc assembler, and the proteus also is simulating the project successfully, BUT when Iam adding (...)
At-least show something what you had connected. So that one can help you. Have a look at these links, you will see proteus conections
Dear ali- No I don't have this result on proteus, proteus shows the exact results I want. but on the hardware this thing appearing on the lcd... and I am pretty sure I configured everything as it is in proteus and I made sure everything is compatible :(( As per your Schematic Diagram, you had grounded the third pi
Hi friends I have a problem with the flex lcd.c library. When I connect the lcd on proteus , there is a warning about a logic detection (d4 to d7) , but the characters appear clear. But on the board , I don?t see any thing clear , and I test the output of data , I saw that?s all are 5 v ! I don?t know what is the problem , but (...)
Its problem in proteus, try on real hardware.
Hello!!! I need help in CCS compiler (V4.140), the PIC16F76 cannot run lcd in ISIS proteus (V7.10)... I trying the example created by the Project Wizard. This is the log " Message Source Time ISIS Release 7.10.00 (Build 12325) (C) Labcenter Electronics 1990- 2011. Source code build completed OK. Compiling design 'C:\Pr
dear experts a simple lcd interfacing code ,code was compiled with no errors and verified in proteus . my circuit vcc pin7 of atmega8 gnd pin8 of atmega8 internal crystal used then by mistakely i connected AVCC to gnd but lcd showed the text message after half mins my atmega8 was very hot ,i removed power supply and AVCC connected (...)
when i did it in proteus program it's working, So its working in proteus and not working in real hardware? In proteus, uC is powered internally. But in real hardware, You have to power it. lcd pins 1,7,8,9,10 should be grounded. Pin 2 : +5V, pin 3 : 10K pot for contrast adjustment. follow the link. It might help you [URL="
HI i want to interface PIC24F16KA102 AND LCM-S01602DTR M. The code runs on proteus simulation but not on hardware. i want to use port b for 8 bit data and control pins. what is the correct way of writing data and control signals on same 16 bit port. ////////////////////////////////main.c////////////////////////////////////// #inclu
i wrote a little code to test lcd... the code working fine on proteus but on hardware lcd dont show any character... Code: #include <16F877A.h> #fuses XT,NOWDT,NOPROTECT,NOLVP #use delay(clock=4000000) #include lcd.c> void main() { lcd_init(); lcd_putc("Hello (...)
I am using 16*1 lcd display with pic16f877a ,I want to display "hello" in full screen. The codes in assembly and ccs c are welcome. My simulation in proteus has been added here. Hi, This should get you going, plenty of tutorials on lcds if you search this forum.
Hi! I have a problem with interfacing PIC with lcd. I use proteus simulation. The initialization is OK - in simulation the cursor start blinking, But I can not send the characters to display. #include #define E RB4 #define RS RB5 #define D4 RB0 #define D5 RB1 #define D6 RB2 #define D7 RB3 void waitms(int ms) {
I am getting a logic contention detected error on proteus i am writing simple program using driver flexlcd16x4 This error occurs when in proteus Nets so wired as to be likely to result in contentions - i.e. two outputs trying to drive in different directions, resulting in a large flow of current. So check your co
Can you zip and post you mikroC Project files and proteus .DSN file?
pins 15 and 16 are the back light of a led display (for those who have one) , it serves no purpose in proteus so it is not shown in the model
Hi, i like to keep it Simple. The same in Basic Language. - - - Updated - - - 84777 The proteus Simulation. - - - Updated - - - lcd.PNG (69.2 KB) EDA lcd.rar (93.2 KB
HOW ? plz explain more - - - Updated - - - Here is a version built for 4MHz clock and without turning off the display. Works on real hardware, but no idea whether it will work with proteus. EDIT: ... just noticed .... your original circuit diagram would normally have MCLR connected to a 10K resis
Hi Zakir; In proteus try to change the 'Model Type' of both I2C pullup resistors to DIGITAL.
Dear All My lcd 4bit mode program is not working. Can any one please advice me what are the errors with my codes. No compile errors, Please find the attachment for DSN file for proteus #include #define _XTAL_FREQ 4000000 // 4 MHz clock __CONFIG(0X3F39); #define lcd_EN RB3 #define lcd_RS RB5 #define (...)
As 20th and 40th pin are Gnd and Vcc. It is internally connected in proteus.