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In proteus when you will select hex file. You also need to write processor clock frequency.Which is by default 1Mhz. I simulate its a lcd base dc volt meter with battery charging cut relay. It displays max dc 30volt. And relay
zip and post your proteus .dsn file. --------------Update-------------------- It is working. Add these codes TRISE = 0b100; PORTE = 0x00; ADCON1 = 0b10100111; CMCON = 0x07;
Hi; I'm not familiar with this proc neither the Keil C, but: - to examine the Busy flag you must read the lcd datas, using an input port! - other lcd commands write the lcd datas, using an output port. So if you set the lcd - via its RS and RW pins, in lcd_busy() - to a read state, all (...)
hai... Iam working with PIC24HJ64GP502,I want to interface the 2X16 lcd with this PIC..But I didnt get the o/p in lcd..I got only the black Blocks in lcd..I check this code with proteus in PIC16F877A..I got the o/p..But in PIC24 I did'nt.. Please help me to get the o/p..Here is my code... #include (...)
Any reason to assume that there's a real hardware problem, not just a proteus artefact? You should be able however to determine at which time the claimed "spurious transistions" occur, if they are related to I2C operation itself or other port activity (e.g. lcd writes).
what is the problem in my project. i use pic16f88 and hello world project in lcd. the lcd does not display anything... what happened to the RB1,RB3,RB5 these are all in ideal state. i attached the code and proteus file....
hi, can somebody help me out with this lcd display.... my program is working perfectly in proteus but in real hardware its not displaying anything..... first time i thought may be of display problem, so i replaced with new one, still same problem.....!!!! below is my code and proteus design file.... thanks in advance.... i (...)
Hello! I need proteus 40X4 lcd Part. If anybody have it please upload it. Thanks Jayanth D
i use atmega 128 proteus simulation uart1 problem with receiving.i want to receive a string and print to lcd but it is not work.but it is working on development transmit string correctly. 77458 my code is given below- #include #include #include"UART.h" #include"lcd.h" #
Can simulate in Orcad 16 lcd using pic and display the letters that appear in the display the same way as in proteus?
Have you searched the forum? There are numerous threads with examples of using proteus to simulate an lcd and PIC interface. BigDog
hello mates; I have written the code for displaying characters on 16*2 lcd with 8051 in C language (in 8 bit mode); however i could not see any output on my proteus simulator. I checked my code again and again, can i have your expert looks please... thanks & regards, Pravin B here is code::::::::: #include sbi
here is the code and proteus design #include #include "delay.h" #include "lcd_Header_LPC21xx.h" int main(void) { PINSEL0 = 0x00000000; IO0DIR |= 0xFFFFFFFF; IO0CLR |=(1<<1); lcd_init(); while(1) { lcd_cmd(0x80) ; lcd_string(" WEL 2 LPC213X") ; (...)
Hi I am trying to interface external memory 24c02 in proteus 7.7. But can't figure out what is the problem. Objective is to Write some data on memory, then retrieve it and display on lcd. Do i need to add this line in file #use i2c(Master,sda=PIN_C4,scl=PIN_C3) schematic h
Here we go, I just jumped from the world of 8-bit controllers to 32-bit. I did some basic led blinking programs and they went well. Then I started interfacing 16x2 lcd and I got no display in the proteus simulation. If somebody got some minutes to spare here is my code, I just intend to write alphabet 'A' :) //ARM_lcd_8.c //Author : Sierra
Hello! I want to know how to make 40X4 and 40X8 lcd from 40X2 lcd in proteus.
Friends need help to run the circuit in proteus ARES, because I have many difficulties, someone help me? thank you. Alcindo Not to dominate the English language, I made a mistake in the message said in the message that was resolved. It is not true I am asking your help to move from ISIS to the ARES I have many problems in fingers make the
Hi guys, just finished the 8051 and trying to interface 16*2 lcd with LPC2148; however i m getting the blank screen in proteus. The code in C is below, /*lcd PRACTICE*/ #include unsigned char value1,value2; void delay(unsigned int t) { unsigned int i,j; for(i=0;i<=t;i++) for(j=0;j
I had to download several types of projects lc meter, but im confused ..after the simulated in proteus lcd always shows a calibration ...... how to calibrate??
i am using mikroc pro for pic compiler ,and trying to interface pic16f877a with jhd162A but nothing happened the lcd shows black boxes in the second row and the first row is clear.. the code is perfectly working in proteus help required i grounded the d0-d3 of lcd