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Hi, Here is the method to add components in proteus:
I'm having difficulties when I try to simulate a simple circuit on proteus. Its an alarm with an lcd and a PICF16877A. If someone could help me with that, I would very much appreciate it. The schematic is attached to this thread. winrar this circuit is implemented in ISIS
For proteus is there a model that exists for resistive, capacitive, etc touch surface overlays for various lcd's?
hello, i am interfacing graphical lcd with LPC2138 micro controller. but their is a some problem genrating in my code, due to this i am unable to interface my lcd. I am attaching my code & proteus file with this post. please help me to remove my problem.. #include #define RST 4 #define E 5 #define RW 6 #define DI
I am using PIC18F4550 and Graphical lcd in proteus, i have to show the microchip logo as soon as my Graphical lcd gets turned on and after that display the temperature values on graphical lcd.. I have done the temperature showing part on Graphical lcd but don't know how to show image on Graphical (...)
hello Guys I am using the proteus for the embedded developement with the AVR microcontrollers with the peripherals like lcd , ADC , stepper motor and others in the proteus and I compile my program code in the WinAVR and than run it in the virtual atmega microcontroller of the proteus . But Now I have moved to the ARM (...)
hi, i am using LPC2138 in my programming. i want to use a simple 16X2 lcd in my programming in which i want to initilize my lcd by LPC2138 micro controller. but my lcd is not working when i simulate my program on proteus. i am adding my program & connection of lcd with my controller on (...)
Dear All I completed my RTC project with lcd As per proteus simulator it does not display and update the time. I added asm file and coff file and proteus file in the attachment. please advice where the wrong Thanks in advance 71515
i have written a code in mikro c without using lcd library, my lcd has a ST7066U driver and i have written for 8-bit interfacing. now i have test the code in proteus 7 but nothing is showing. Note: i am not using lcd library given in mikroc because the code is for HD44780 and for 4-bit. Is there a library for 8 bit (...)
hello ... simply i use 16f877 and keypad 4*3 for just display on lcd the num pressed. and this is keypad: and my compiler i use is :mikroc pro for pic and my project is successfully working in proteus >>> but in actual connection the lcd not display the correct number wh
hello friends, i m using jhd12864e 128x64 graphical lcd interfacing with avr microcontroller . i wrote the code also how can i simulate with proteus software. i used ampire 128x64 in proteus but it is not work. which glcd should i use?
I'm fairly certain that the ST7066U is directly compatible with the HD44780 - so you could probably use proteus' HD44780 module.
this is my 2nd project to diaplay data in 2x16 character lcd. i have interface with 8051. it worked fine but with PIC 16f877a only lcd backlight is coming but data is not displayed. when i checked with development board for the same program it works fine but in proteus i cant. Please help me Microcontroller -PIC16f877a (...)
Hi guys... I really need some help... I created the code below which just displays time and some amount which depends on the time lapsed.. My problem is that when I ran it in proteus, it went smoothly and produced the output I expected... But when I implemented it on the actual hardware, it all went gibberish.. The lcd keeps on updating every se
Hi guys could anyone help me with this problem. I have before interfaced my lcd using pic16f877a and it has worked several times. but now ayaw na gumana even ung mga luma kong codes. kahit bumili nako ng bagong lcd hnd parin gumagana anyone pls help thanks. btw it also works in proteus #include #include"delay.h" #define RS (...)
Hello. Here is the background: bought an HD44078 compatible 16x2 lcd from ebay (cheap). It arrived yesterday and I wrote a very simple code to see if the lcd works. Before actually wiring it up with the PIC, I wrote the program and ran it on proteus Isis; the programs worked. When I built it, the lcd doesnt show anything. (...)
I seen the only problem is that ANSEL=0; // Set output as Digital u may add the line in ur code to set port as digital however check the attachment, that hav solved the problem,
I have Simulated 16x2 on proteus perfectly. If you connect 16x4 lcd in proteus and want to use only first three row then It can be done. When the cursor reaches last character of third row, it should jump to home screen again. That's how you can program and it will work fine. BEST OF LUCK Umair
hello friends i'm trying to write code about new msg indication i.e when atmega 16 receive response +cmti: "sm",1 lcd should display"ok". when i send msg to modem it give response +cmti: "sm",1 but nothing display lcd. my lcd connection and initialisation are proper.i have checked it on proteus. below i'm attaching my code66910
hi i want to interface a 4*4 keypad and 20*4 lcd with 89c52 using c code. i searched on the internet, got a lot of codes but none of them contained proteus design, when i try to make the circuit on my own it runs fine for the lcd part e.g. if i try to display hello world etc, but when it comes to keypad scanning, nothing is displayed on (...)

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