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Hi, There is no way to check in MPLAB. Changing the code and load hex files into the MCU in proteus very hard. It is not feasible in some cases. So, what can I do now? What are you finding difficult about proteus Simualtions ? You can easily do a keyboard and / or lcd.
maybe you are wrong to use a pick in the proteus component 12877 .. there are several types 12877 that can be simulated if you want .. I have a project that is similar to but simpler your project that can display temperature, time and date of the circuit and using lcdnokia3310
you can chose the same components from proteus. If you are using version 7.8 there is a model for temperature sensor. The lcd you need to chose is 16X1 \16X2 lcd. Led shouldnot be generic.
Hello, while simulating in proteus it doesn't have lcd162a.Please help me in finding other lcds similar to lcd162a which can used in proteus software with 16 pins
HOW TO configure lm016l in proteus using16f877A
Hi regin; I wrote a simple crossing simulation in 2007 (as my first PIC attempt). Attached. True, it uses a small PIC and animated user chars but scrolls as you wanted. Sorry it's in assembly (and not supported now : - ) but the logic is the same I think. It is working only in proteus. Try it out if you have this great prog (use also the c
hai, Im doing project in proteus.I need to give input to the pic16f877 through virtual terminal and that should be displayed in the lcd.i.e.,the input to the lcd is from virtual terminal.can u plz send the c coding for this..i tried with virtual terminal codings ...but its showing error..plz....kindly somene help (...)
Hi ramxis; Sorry but I cannot help. I don't have (and don't like) HITECH C, I'm working in assembly, also using Proton compiler but only as a very smart assembler, without its high level (library) routines. Rather, I'm writing myself these. And ... Hitech's asm output is horrible, Proton's is very clear and useful (at least in my opinion ...)
Hi all, I designed a circuit to send data to lcd, i simulated it on proteus and its working...but now, when i tried to connect it in actual life, it doesnt work. i only see flickers of light, like as if its showing characters but i cant read what its showing. please any advice? im using JHD-162a lcd
this is little modified your diagram has misconnection 1k resistor was not connected i have simulated it in proteus 7.7sp2 with program
hey i need some help here.......need to interface adc 0804 and lcd with 89c51 have done it on proteus and is working but the result on bread board is not the same...... i am adding the image of the circuit diagram...plz tell me wht to
I think it works in proteus even if you leave the pins floating as shown in the schematic but the strange thing is that he has left them floating in the real hardware too , you can see in the first picture with the lcd connected to the breadboard that the data lines have no wire connected to them but the picture shows the display working!!!!! In a
Are you running your code on physical hardware or in simulation, like proteus? Is your clock speed defined correct in MikroC? BigDog
Hi, I am doing lcd interfacing with AtMega32 Micro controller. Just for testing i am sending one character in the main function while loop.But the character is priniting at first row second column. Even if i give the command first row, first column also same is happening. I have tried this in proteus software,but the result is same. I hav
With your code, I don't get any error in proteus. Only the lcd shows a slight problem. Could you upload the mikroC source and project files here?
Check that you have defined the correct pins port bits for the data/control connections. If you are using 4bit mode the connection looks like 59681 hi, i am sorry. i can't get what you say. "Please put the proteus simulation page snap shot with error......." please tell me in detail
Dear experts i have got a lcd program but i didnt get the output in proteus what are the Pins for Enable ,rs .and data please help me i am pasting the program as follows #define lcd_en P3_1 #define lcd_rs P3_0 #define lcd_DELAY 1535 /* Delay for 1 ms */ #define (...)
Hi everyone, I am trying to run 16x2 lcd with lpc 2148 on proteus.I was successful in running the lcd when i used 8 bit mode but when im using 4 bit mode,nothing is getting displayed on the lcd except moving cursor..Please help.Thanx in advance.. Im posting my code below.. #include void cmd(unsigned (...)
Hi ! I have moderate size schematic assembled in proteus ISIS 7.7. ~50+ components some smaller ICs and one 40 pin MCU + 16x2 char lcd + USB. Goal: Is to build a prototype PCB. First off prototype (DIY method). Then a print file for mass production. Purpose of goal: To test, analyse and debug system (device PCB). [SI
What is the mcu you use? is the mcu set up correctly in proteus? What kind of display did you use? Can you post an attachment of the circuit and the hex file. Alex