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In proteus simulation it's work but in real implementation it's not work. Are you sure that the display that you're using on "real world" has the same controller IC of the module used on simulation ? There are variants from distinct manufacturers ( Samsung, Hitashi, ... ) for which the bit banging 'protocol' va
My problem is , when I'm running this code in proteus it is not showing anything on lcd. Apparently there is a problem with the definition of the microcontroller pinout that communicates with the display. You have defined the PORTB as the data bus; you make access of 8 bits and not 4 bits, however the control pins
i face problem with simulation in proteus i got wrong output not the expected from the written program but i dont know why ?! while(1){ start : temp = temp_sensor_func(); // call temp sensor function dtostrf(temp, 1, 2, buffer); //convert temp value from double to char to display on lcd and transmit with Uart (...)
Hello! I'm using mikroC PRO for PIC and proteus 8. here's the header and source files and the circuit 126497 My code works perfectly when i comment these 6 lines in programme.c (from line 93 to line 98): lcd_Out(1,2,"OPERATION"); lcd_Out(2,8,"ACHIVED"); Delay_ms(5000); lcd_Cmd(_lcd_CLEAR); (...)
I am having MATLAB SIMULNK Model. I want to interface it with proteus for reading data using PIC and display in lcd.Whether its possible to interface like that???
hi, i need a program for interfacing zigbee to pic....Also i want to know about xbee in proteus and how it works
I'm not familiar with proteus, but shouldn't you provide a polarsation voltage to the pin of display which adjusts the lcd contrast ?
can anybody plzz give the code and schematic diagram for following. i want to do display lcd using ADC pins in atmega16. so i m in thought to do it for temperature display using LM35. so plzzzzz send me the code and schematic diagram and i want to execute it in proteus and then do hardware.......plz do help (...)
problem in displaying on lcd is that it slows down decrementing my duty. unsigned int adc_data; unsigned char analog_selected = 0; unsigned char str; unsigned short duty1=255; float form1; // lcd Module connections sbit lcd_RS at RD0_bit; sbit lcd_EN at RD1_bit; sbit lcd_D7 at (...)
Hello, I am working on a project which is very simple. I am interfacing Glcd with Arduino in proteus and also simulating this circuit. The library of Glcd for Arduino is not working also and it gives the simulation error so I have created it my own. Now the problem is that when I am trying to display any character on (...)
Hello All I have problem with lcd that has controller ts1620-1 where lcd can not display character, I write code in mikroC-PRO software and it is working good on simulation of proteus but in real work it is not display any thing till the POT resistor is not working with light control. Note : the (...)
Can any one help me on this. I am working on voltmeter using the adc of pic6f877a with lcd , my code works perfect on proteus but when i implement it, it won't respond fine. At times it display, at times it don't. Pls i need help.
HI everyone! I want to develop an interface for a project. On this Interface There is an I2C 2x16 lcd (attached datasheet), SPI communication with main board,UART for debugging. The micro controller used is a PIC18F26K22 (attached schematic). The problem is, the lcd won't display anything. I tested the I2C in (...)
Your circuit is fine. I will check the code and update. I think this is causing the problem. I guess it should loop from i = 0 to i < 16. The lcdbuf1 and lcdbuf2 doesn't contain anything and hence 1st coloum of lcd will be always blank but the 16th column will be filled. If you have proteus file then Zip and post (...)
You have to use float or double type variables and use FloatToStr() function. I have answered to a similar question in your another thread. I have fixed the code as you need. I have tested in proteus 8.1
hello everyone, Here is the proteus simulation of my code.I am just trying to display temp on lcd screen but when i connect lm 35 to any of ad pin then lcd is displaying any garbage values and without connecting the sensor lcd is working i m just printing "pra" while no ADC (...)
If I define a custom character that uses the lowest (8th) pixel row also, this row is never displayed, although the HD44780 datasheet says this: The 8th line is the cursor position and its display is formed by a logical OR with the cursor. Maintain the 8th line data, corresponding to the cursor display position, at 0 as the curs
Hi everyone, I am doing a Temperature Monitoring System by using PIC18F4550 with lcd Ampire 128x64. I use CCS C of MPLab plugin to compile the .hex file. And simulate on proteus. My problem is : the display on Ampire 128x64 is unusual. Is there any configuration on Ampire need to done before simulate? I'm new to this. 103250[
Good day, Currently i am designing program for editing numbers using a 44 matrix keypad and 162 lcd display. The code works fine in proteus software.But, when it doesn't function as expected in hardware. Can anyone solve the problem ? Thank you.
Which Compiler and micro-controller are you using? What is its Fosc? You want particular line of display to scroll or is it ok if all the lines of lcd scroll at the same time? Sample moving display project with two different texts. proteus simulation attached.