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proteus is correctly complaining about your code. Why don't you follow the 4-bit transfer sequence specification in the 44780 datasheet strictly? It requires read and write accesses to be performed always with two EN cycles. You are however querying busy state in the middle of a write access, e.g. in lines 201 and 242. 136537[/ATT
Zip and post your project (Code) files including proteus file.
Hello Guys any one who can help me on my problem that occurred on my project simulation on proteus 8.1 am using pic18f4620 microcontroller, my project based on SMS controlled street lights to turn them on and off as well as to provide feedbacks to the user mobile phone, am using SIM900A that i have interfaced it to the PC through TTL to USB convert
Okay, so i tried to interface PIC16f722A with LM016L lcd. i had wrote the C-code for initializing (lcd) and displaying characters on lcd. Somehow i got stuck when i simulated the program in proteus. The problems are as follows: 1)When i transfer X number of characters, it just shows (X-1) number of characters, ignoring (...)
Dear all, I have made lcd 4 bit program for interfacing with atmega32a by Atmel studio.And tried out simulation in proteus. It works with perfectly in the mode of Internal clock mode. Not working when put it in external crystal mode (ie, Fusebit CKSEL 1010 -11110) i am uploaded the whole program including proteus file please help me . (...)
In proteus simulation it's work but in real implementation it's not work. Are you sure that the display that you're using on "real world" has the same controller IC of the module used on simulation ? There are variants from distinct manufacturers ( Samsung, Hitashi, ... ) for which the bit banging 'protocol' va
My problem is , when I'm running this code in proteus it is not showing anything on lcd. Apparently there is a problem with the definition of the microcontroller pinout that communicates with the display. You have defined the PORTB as the data bus; you make access of 8 bits and not 4 bits, however the control pins
Which compiler version are you using? Recompiled, using my good old v.6.0.1 (case sensitive), now the project is working in proteus, without any stack error. Attached the whole project and a proteus screenshot (with a welcome message, created by the USART virtual terminal, on the lcd :-)).
I want to make a PCB with the lcd 16x2 lcd single in line foot Print or How the package will set . I am getting two line or double line . please guide me .
1 ~ 10k And proteus doesn't simulate cristals.
Hello everyone, this is my first message in the forum I'm also starting with circuit simulations. I'm simulating this simple circuit using proteus 8... 131165 ...and I get the following message: 131166 But if I disconnect the capacitor the problem dissapears. I assume I have convergency pr
hello all, i am using this code for testing lcd, but its only working on proteus, but not on hardware. i have connected a LED to check whether IC is working or not- IC is working fine. cannot find out the problem,pls help me. // PIC16F1507 Configuration Bit Settings // 'C' source line config statements #define _XTAL_FR
Few days back, I imported my Graphic lcd project in proteus 8.4 sp0 and its giving the same error, logic contention and doesn’t work for me. I am worried that why it is not working as the last time it was working. Then I installed old version of proteus 7.11 and open the same project in that, and it started working again. So i think (...)
i face problem with simulation in proteus i got wrong output not the expected from the written program but i dont know why ?! while(1){ start : temp = temp_sensor_func(); // call temp sensor function dtostrf(temp, 1, 2, buffer); //convert temp value from double to char to display on lcd and transmit with Uart (...)
Need to turn Timer0 on pic16F877A after pressed switch 1 and then turn it off when pressed switch 2, then displaying the period of the time on lcd. Plz someone help me...i am new to micro c.... i attached proteus simulation screenshot....
everyone , iam d.a.e student and i prepared for the final year small project called lcd interfacing with pic microcontroller i have write the program and tested in proteus the program work fine but when iam burn it to microcontroller the lcd not show anything can you please check my code and tell me where iam mistaken i use mikroc for pic (...)
Hello! I'm using mikroC PRO for PIC and proteus 8. here's the header and source files and the circuit 126497 My code works perfectly when i comment these 6 lines in programme.c (from line 93 to line 98): lcd_Out(1,2,"OPERATION"); lcd_Out(2,8,"ACHIVED"); Delay_ms(5000); lcd_Cmd(_lcd_CLEAR); (...)
I am having MATLAB SIMULNK Model. I want to interface it with proteus for reading data using PIC and display in lcd.Whether its possible to interface like that???
hi, i need a program for interfacing zigbee to pic....Also i want to know about xbee in proteus and how it works
Hello All, I'm currently building an interface to HD44780 lcd, and needs PWM to drive the backlight. For some electrical rules on PCB, i can only set PWM at P1A/RC5, but i'm unable to get it done, even with ISIS proteus simulation, its outputs nothing. Here is the code for the PWM for lowest possible frequency, at 48MHz fosc: void Ini
hello,i wanted to interface 2 atmega8 ic through SPI and i wrote theise code as Master and Slave but when i execute the code in circuit in proteus app it wrote "Testing" in lcd but then nothing and the transfer cant complete wnd the code freezing in the code line: while(! (SPSR &(1<
I am trying to read ADC in atmeg 32 .Displaying the data to lcd to a vlot /ammeter project . my problem whenever simulate it on proteus it will hangup on the checking of ADSC conversion /* * vmam.c * * Created: 14-Oct-15 6:44:15 PM * Author: Krishna */ #define F_CPU 16000000UL #include #include #include"l
Hi Pawan kumar Have You asked to Labcenter. Creator of proteus system ?? Visit this link: They have a discussion forum here: Probably you find something good for you. Moreover: why not looking for these displays, first, in your area ??. . I recommend you firs
I'm not familiar with proteus, but shouldn't you provide a polarsation voltage to the pin of display which adjusts the lcd contrast ?
Post the circuit if possible in proteus format. I will have a look at your code and try to fix the problems. Also zip and post the complete mikroC project files. In your code it doesn't show the sbit defines for the lcd.
Please help me where is the problem in the below program, In proteaus simulation it works very fine and reads as I required, but when working with circuit it is not reading the adc but displaying some other junk values from where I don't know & being on change in values, totally it is not reading while working in circuit, anybody please correct the
mikroE tells that if you want to use FlaotToStr() then ch length should be minimum 23. Try using ch. Zip and post your complete mikroC PRO PIC project files. I will test it in proteus and also hardware.
hello to all ... I simulate a graphic lcd 64*128 in proteus and program the micro with codevision avr and atmega64 but just show some point! did you know whats the wrong? tnx from your good site the schematic and code is here 117920 #include #include lcd.h> #include void main(void)
This is Multiple I2C lcd code. It is written using CCS C Compiler version 5.044. This si tested in proteus and also EasyPIC v7 development board with 2 x 20x4 lcds. lcds should be HD44780 or compatible. I have used I2C lcds and I2C lcd modules from Banggood. I will soon post mikroC PRO (...)
Mention which MCU you are using and what clock frequency. Are you just simulating in proteus ? Provide your circuit.
can anybody plzz give the code and schematic diagram for following. i want to do display lcd using ADC pins in atmega16. so i m in thought to do it for temperature display using LM35. so plzzzzz send me the code and schematic diagram and i want to execute it in proteus and then do hardware.......plz do help me........awaiting for reply.......
hello friends i am facing some problems while interafcing PIC18F4550 witl Glcd. i am using Mikroc 6.00 compiler, and using built in libraries present in MIKROC. i am attaching my code here, and also a proteus model. if i comment the line No. 173 and 174 then lcd is displaying. but when i uncomment thease lines then nothing is showing (...)
problem in displaying on lcd is that it slows down decrementing my duty. unsigned int adc_data; unsigned char analog_selected = 0; unsigned char str; unsigned short duty1=255; float form1; // lcd Module connections sbit lcd_RS at RD0_bit; sbit lcd_EN at RD1_bit; sbit lcd_D7 at RD7_bit; sbit (...)
Hello, I am working on a project which is very simple. I am interfacing Glcd with Arduino in proteus and also simulating this circuit. The library of Glcd for Arduino is not working also and it gives the simulation error so I have created it my own. Now the problem is that when I am trying to display any character on (...)
Hello All I have problem with lcd that has controller ts1620-1 where lcd can not display character, I write code in mikroC-PRO software and it is working good on simulation of proteus but in real work it is not display any thing till the POT resistor is not working with light control. Note : the lcd use in MikroC pro (...)
Here is the code for pic18f4580 #include #include #include /* #define RS RB6 #define EN RB7 #define D0 RC0 #define D1 RC1 #define D2 RC2 #define D3 RC3 #define D4 RC4 #define D5 RC5 #define D6 RC6 #define D7 RC7 */ #include "lcdtest2.h" void main() { int i; //char str;
My project is I2C lcd with ATMEGA1284. Project tested in proteus and also mikroElektronika EasyAVR v7 dev board. Code is written in mikroC PRO AVR compiler and uses TWI library. mikroC PRO AVR files and proteus file are attached.
Nice job, thanks. It might be worth to adding a keypad (1-wire analog) to set the clock. An alarm function (using a buzzer) also can be useful ... The 12f1840 has usable pins yet ;-) ;-). Do you can attach the proteus simulation (DSN) also in ver7 (not v8) form? Regards zuisti
Can any one help me on this. I am working on voltmeter using the adc of pic6f877a with lcd , my code works perfect on proteus but when i implement it, it won't respond fine. At times it display, at times it don't. Pls i need help. No one can help you better with out your code and hardware connection.Post the code an
HI everyone! I want to develop an interface for a project. On this Interface There is an I2C 2x16 lcd (attached datasheet), SPI communication with main board,UART for debugging. The micro controller used is a PIC18F26K22 (attached schematic). The problem is, the lcd won't display anything. I tested the I2C in proteus, and with (...)
Your circuit is fine. I will check the code and update. I think this is causing the problem. I guess it should loop from i = 0 to i < 16. The lcdbuf1 and lcdbuf2 doesn't contain anything and hence 1st coloum of lcd will be always blank but the 16th column will be filled. If you have proteus file then Zip and post (...)
You can use proteus from You can draw schematic, simulate and make PCB layout in it.
Here is my lcd code. See if that works for you. I have created lcd library similar to mikroC lcd library. Uncheck the lcd library in library manager before using my code. I have tested this in both proteus and hardware and it works. change this char ldg="MiKroC"; to this char ldg="MiKroC"; [/syntax
You have to use float or double type variables and use FloatToStr() function. I have answered to a similar question in your another thread. I have fixed the code as you need. I have tested in proteus 8.1
hii, i want to connect 16x2 lcd (blue color screen) to the pic 16f877a. The code is running correctly with proteus. but when i made the circut it will not working.i tried many times, first it worked for some extend. it means not the correct code, part of the code. now it only appears black color boxes. i designed this circuit to measure the rainfal
I write a code in assembly for 16x2 lcd display,but it does not display the ASCII code which given in the code.I use pic16f1936 uC at 4 MHz internal osc. My display interface is 8 bit mode with my controller. Now my problem is when I start the animation play button, all the connected pin work as well,but it display nothing.I don't understand wha
hello everyone, Here is the proteus simulation of my code.I am just trying to display temp on lcd screen but when i connect lm 35 to any of ad pin then lcd is displaying any garbage values and without connecting the sensor lcd is working i m just printing "pra" while no ADC code is running. 107060 [ATTACH=
If I define a custom character that uses the lowest (8th) pixel row also, this row is never displayed, although the HD44780 datasheet says this: The 8th line is the cursor position and its display is formed by a logical OR with the cursor. Maintain the 8th line data, corresponding to the cursor display position, at 0 as the curs
hi try to increase the delays after sending commands and data . also you need to use some resistor (fixed or variable ) at pin number 3 of the lcd as the proteus will show u the value but in real life u need to adjust the contrast. thank you mL
Hello friends, I am sharing a code for driving 16x2 lcd. The MCU Uses only two pins for lcd. Full code, Hex file and proteus simulation are attached. I got it from internet but i made small changes for better operation. CD4094 Shift register will plays the main roll..Hope it will help you...:-)