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While combining some fabricated blocks I observed following behavior: Antenna module: Wideband antenna with 3GHz bandwidth, input impedance is 100 Ohm. Receiver module 1: FET based mixer receiver with some complex impedance. Receiver module 2: FET based mixer receiver with some complex impedance + matching structure to 100 Ohm. All componen
we executing some code in neoway n10 gsm module. module get restarting randomly (example: i kept the module for testing for a 15 hours. in between module get restarted at 5 hours once, 2 hours once, 30 minutes once and 5 minutes once). please anybody tell me how to fix this issue?
Hello all, I wasn't sure whether I should post this to the microcontroller forum or the PCB design forum. I'm currently prototyping an analog circuit design and using an arduino for a simple task: reading my circuit output and digitally processing the signal. I also do some basic digital signal processing on it (Bandpass Filter, averaging, etc..
Hi !, my name is Mariah and I am new in this forum. I have come and joined this forum with really high hope that I would get some help from you people. So I have been working for a project that I really want to finish. I want to built a circuit that automatically disconnect after a certain period of time. The time can be manually changed an set by
Hi All, I am new to NXP KW 36. I have done basic programs like led blinking and uart in KW 36. I am going to use this controller for my project for CAN communication. I tried with example also but it is not working. Anyone have idea about this? KW 36A, FlexCAN communication. Thanks in advance.
I'm work to use my STM32L475 IoT with bluetooth module ( SPBTLE-RF/spi/BlueNRG-MS) I need some help please I don't know the principe, someone give me an example (STM32_IOT+led+Bluetooth+android) :)
Hi friends It seems to me that fundamental electric theory is no longer taught in school, which is a shame as it results in everyone having their own intuition and interpretation about it, leading to silly and time wasting discussions which everyone would be better without. In an attempt to rectify this, I have found a youtube video that disc
Im looking for a less noisy alternative to using servos for a project and I was thinking of using musclewires (Flexinol / nitinol wire) as an replacement. I havnt worked with musclewires before and wonder if this is possible or if they are very slow (I know they are driven by heat so slow cooling might be a problem) Basically my project need to
Hello, I am interesting on enhancing the gain of the fully differential folded cascode amplifier as shown in the figure below, For the auxilary boost amplifier (AUX-N and AUX-B) I would like to use folded cascode amplifier. As these auxilary amplifiers are also fully differential amplifier they requires a CMFB as well. For the main amplifi
Usually, an relay require a AC-DC adapter for its operation. It is quite verbose. Therefore, I am looking for a 220VAC Relay which built-in 220AC to DC. Could you please suggest me several compatible modules? Thanks a lot!
Hello friend, I want to calculate the power driven by the motor while running. Used : - 1kw 3phase bldc motor and bldc controller Now I am driving the motor using controller. The motor is running good. Calculate: For example say motor is running at 1000rpm. Battery voltage is 48v and consuming 3amp(DC). Now I have to calculate the o
Hello, I have a problem and have an idea how to solve it but I don't know anything about electronics. I shoot Traditional archery and have developed what is called Target Panic or Performance anxiety. I have tried every remedy I have ever seen or heard about and nothing has worked for me. I have thought about a way to retrain my brain but do not k
I am trying to read a data from the ACS71020. For a example, I am trying to read a VRMS data from the ACS71020. But it always gives the random value, when i tried to read a data. In the datasheet conversion had been mentioned, it is not helping me to get it out the vale. RMS voltage output. This field is an unsigned 15-bit fixed point number
How sd host controller knows whether a SD card is put in the connector slot
Hi all, I have recently done layouts of some analog blocks such as op-amps, current source etc. Upon getting them reviewed by an experienced individual from the industry, I recieved the following comments: 1) Do not share source/drain terminals and instead use multipliers. 2) Do not share dummy transistor source/drain. Instead keep minimum
Hello, Can anybody help me understand what are specifications of typical 5G antenna? ( example Mobile device with 5G antenna) What type of antennas are used/recommended in 5G communication? Is there any reference or guideline available? I tried searching on google but its difficult to filter information. I would like to simulate in HFSS & u
I want to test my concept of full bridge converter (12v DC to 400v DC) by generating 50kHz signal from arduino/other MCU. It will look like DC12vBatt--->H-Bridge---->FerriteTransformer(step up, say for example getting 400v)----->Rectifier-->Filter (400v DC) Major challenges are in making H-Bridge circuit basically driving the Hi side
Hi, I am designing a wide-range input DC/DC converter. I came to LT8316. It is a controller and we should use an external switch, but in datasheet, it is stated that the power limit is 100W. My question is why? while we can use any switch on output and scale feedbacks. Why limits the output power? Thank you
Hey guys. I am hugely interested in electronics, but have no experience except a physics bachelor. Please correct me or help me to understand stuff, i would be grateful. I am building Solar powered plant watering machine for my mothers birthday but i need help. The layout: 156333 Explanation:
Hi, I have devices which include Microcontroller and FDTI chip on the development board. I am going to power them up from +5V and GND available in the USB 2.0 cable, I guess this configuration is self power with maximum current 100 mA. I am wondering in which configuration 500 mA current can be drawn from USB, any example ?