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You have to put library files to libray files in labcenter/proteus/library that has files with extension "lib" and other files models you have to it to model files labcenter/proteus/models.
Hi I need lib for at91sam... series in proteus for simulation!!! Plz guide me Regards:thumbsup:
for 16f/18f pic it work well if i sim on proteus. but for dspic it crash in proteus and in hardward. Did you check if Watchdog is enabled by default ?
hi, I wanna know if it is possible to run a simulation in proteus 8 using adxl345 and arduino?I cant seem to find library for adxl345, if any1 have the .lib, pls share with me, thx :-D
hi friends i have a problem with packages in proteus 8 . I'm working in project with ADS1210P but i can't find any solution in simulation?? :bang: :bang: :bang: PLZ if you can help me how add lib of ADS1210 to proteus and thanks :-D :-D
hi guys. Is there any lib for atmega32a in proteus?:?::!:
I'm copying some proteus stock components to a new library I created, just to keep all the most common components in a single library. Everything is fine when I just copy the components to my custom library, but I can't simulate the component if I rename it. An example: I copied the component VSOURCE to my custom (...)
I want to simulate the following model in proteus. But this model is made in Pspice, and proteus only supports spice 3f5 ***************************************************** * GENERATOR_BEH.lib * * * **************************************************** *BEHAVIOURAL MODEL OF A PV GENERATOR * INPUT (...)
hi, i m making a voltage detector and for that i m using power mosfet MTP 3055v , what does MTP stands for and how can i locate this component from proteus lib. instead of this i use NTD 3055(which i found in prot. lib.) is that okey? and secondly when i push play, it give me error saying: "NO model Specified for Q2(NTD 3055)" what this (...)
Beware NOD32 detects a trojan in the file. proteus libreria + Models\proteus libreria + Models\proteus lib-MDL.exe ? NSIS ? MAREADOUT.DLL - probably a variant of Win32/Agent.CJVSICJ trojan
I want to add HT12E encoder and HT12D decoder in proteus. there is no default lib for that. I tried to make one new HT12E model. But some errors. Please help. I want to receive a transmitted signal continuously. A buzzer should warn if the transmission losses. I am using AT89S51 micro controller.
I need to simulate my project in proteus isis , I didn't find AD9835 in libraries ... I want this device library .... Thanks
Hello! Can somebody post the LM61 proteus part files? Regards Jayanth D
Hi, I have to do some simulations with the PLL in object, but i can not find the model in microcap/spice. I've found the model in proteus, is there any way to export this in model in microcap?
Hello! I am simulating ADC0809 in proteus. So, I need ADC0809.MDF, ADC0809.lib, and ADC0809.IDX files. Please if somebody have it zip and upload it
Hello! I want to know how to convert LM4229 240X128 GLCD in optoelectronics.lib of proteus to 256X256 GLCD.
Hello! Please somebody upload the .lib file for SED1353 or similar part.
In proteus ISIS, if there is a library GLCD by name GLCD.lib and GLCD.IDX, and if it contains a glcd part by name GLCD1, we can place that part on to the .DSN file we create. If we send that .DSN file to somebody who doesn't has GLCD.lib and GLCD.IDX files on his system, he can view and simulate the file. Now, what I want (...)
hlo somebody ,please...i need file lib proteus LCD DEM128064A model (128x64 pixels) or
hi all. ..please i'm need proteus lib T89C51SDND1-80
how to use a variable resistor in proteus ? i does not allow me to change the resistance value during simulation... please help..
Im work project ATMEGA32 with MCP3304 and PT1000 in Bascom Avr and wish test this project in proteus 7.6. I don't found device & model for PT1000 and MC3304. If anybody have this libraray please send me.
Multisim 11 has it, it also exist in proteus, I don't know about the other simulators
Hi All, I need a spice model for CD4047B Astable Multivibrator IC for proteus simulation, as the version of proteus i m using it says no simulation model for CD4047B, if someone can provide me spice model i will be very thankful or can anyone guide me how to develop spice model for CD4047. Thanks.
Can any one give me a AD7780 proteus lib module
Hello. I am working on a project where I need to interface a SD/MMC card with ATMega128 for read write Data. I don't have any experience on SD/MMC Card interfacing yet. So initially I am planning to run a simulation with proteus for read write data in SD/MMC card. I am using Codevision AVR V2.03.4 were the SD card lib is included. I'll be glad if
Hi all... I need a lib for Heat sink... any one have a library of heat sink or from where i download it???... pls do replay :-)
MSP430FG4618 (Texas Instrument) is a new chip and I cannot find any lib for this chip in proteus.:cry::| Anyone has any idea about getting the library for this chip?? BTW, if I cannot find it, is it possible to get a similar chip model (lib.) instead? Thanks,
Hi, I'm looking for some proteus lib that have a IR frequency receptor like TV control (it would be better a receptor like a TSOP ),someone knows something that might help me? thank you.
i need a proteus lib for 320x280 glcd. anyone have it? or any site for it?
hello I cretaed a new symbol in proteus. I want to use this symbol in simulation and added SPICEMODEL=6N and SPICEFILE=6N.lib to "text" definition of component. 6N.lib is actually SUBCKT file acc to SPICE syntax. Simulation runs smoothly and without any error. But when I look at output pin, I don't see the signal expected. It is just (...)
sir i have encountered a problem with simulation in proteus ISIS, i m using the component TL081 for power supply but it is giving the error, and i want to use the 100K trimmer, but i m unanle to understand the error the error is , Pin ON1 is not modelled. and same for all the 3 TL081's
Hello guys!! is there any program (spice) which includes CAN emulator means ATMEGA128-CAN or something like this from ATMEL ?? (well i am a noob) . I tried proteus VSM. it has lib for ATMEGA128 but it doesnt support CAN . (it also has pic's which support CAN and some 8051 but again i have to start everything from 0 because i've nev
Hello everybody, I have a little problem with drawing in Protel (I admit I am a rookie): I cannot import devices from library from ftdi's site (which has .lib extension) in Protel and I dont understand part from their guide whish says: "OrCAD 16-bit DOS schematics can be imported into Protel schematic capture for Windows. Before rea
hi i'm new and i need the pic16f616 or pic 16f family lib and model files for proteus vsm. please anyone can tell me where I find it.
hi In respect of vsmlibs and andrew here is the model for DS18B20 for proteus with test stuff and lib file model dll based copy model in model folder and lib in lib folder enjoy
Hello dear forumers, Im working with ISIS from proteus (Labcenter) and am looking for a display model that uses the KS0108 or T6963C chip for bigger displays then the strandard ones in the lib. Im not fixed yet to any display so your expertise for bigger displays is more then welcome too. Biggest one i found sofar for ISIS is 240x64. Hope
Can some one send the library file of AT89C2051 for proteus 6.5 SK
Can Someone send me model /lib for At89S8252 microcontroller. i am working with this microcontrller. Thanks Masud Matrix Electronics
Hello, I need the x5045 lib for proteus. Can anyone help me? Thanks zjass
Anyone can ask me were it can be?
hi all here is MDLS40466 4X40 LCD display model and test jig to perform full runing model made by my self with lib and model source code for understanding how display working also in this archive in pic basic plus also big thanks to loving EA to make this model working regards Fragrance
HI Here is the better model of 74HC595 for proteus test stuff and lib for model included in upload, I hate IEC types chip these consume more space in design, I also designing 74HC164 simple model, hope friend will like this model
Hi all, I discover proteus, and after worked with this marvelous software, one question run in my mind : Is possible in case of project with ?controleur to send or receive data or signal via serial or parrallel port ? Thanks in advance for your help.
Hi , any have a 16c765 lib for proteus
Hi, Also try with different combination of virtual and physical (real) COM port speed. For example if you want to test serial link at 2400 b/s use virtual 2400b/s and physical 9600b/s. When you use proteus to simulate with real hardware you don't have unique absolute real time. Prouteus simulation has own simultion real time wich depends on c
Hi All I want lib for 74HC595 and Dot Matrix 8*8 or how can i build it in proteus H 8) 2a
Hi, where i can find additional library for proteus 5.2? 8O
HI, ALL Please find the extar library and modles for proteus this is the final release of last upload regards Fragrance

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