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hi all i have problem in simulating a schematic. i have two netlist compiler error. Duplicate part reference: X00000004#1 . Simulation FAILED due to netlist compiler error(s). 130082 it seems that there is duplicate part reference, but which one? the schematic file is attac
Generating Bill of Materials using script '1. HTML Output'... Generating netlist to obtain parts database... #I:Compiling design 'E:\PCB\8051 PROGRAMMER .DSN'. %C=0001,00000023 Generating internal BOM database... ERROR: Part '7447' was added to 21 categories. ERROR: Part '7805' was added to 21 categories. ERROR: Part '8051' was added to 21 c
930999310093101 Hi All, I am using ISIS for schematic design and ARES for PCB design. I new of both of it, now Im finished draw my Voltage regulator 12V-5V with NO ERC error found and netlist generate OK. But I got from when I transfer it into ARES as attached. Is the
Hi Friends, Good Day to you. Am using proteus 7.8. Recently i had a issue in a file which was on hold for a long time and the layout was also 70% finished . I received a latest file with many parts removed and new parts added in that schematic. after assigning the components imported netlist to the layout. it was working well and the layout was 9
Hi All, Once again i like to raise this question. I am using ISIS for schematic design and ARES for PCB design, I want to do final netlist cross check by taking out the netlist file from ISIS and ARES and comparing it. But what the problem is both the files are in different format and the netlist priority names are (...)
Hi all, I am using Ares 7.1SP2 and am having a problem. I have created a PCB payout. Not from schematic, but just from packages. I want to create a ground plane to connect to my ground signals dotted about, but it just skirts around the whole design. How can I make it recognise the ground plane without restarting the entire design from schema
Hi folks, I am running into a small problem here. I have created a PCB layout directly in ARES without using a schematic or ISIS. Now i want to generate powerplane in ARES. But somehow i am unable to change the class of my Vcc and Gnd nets from SIGNAL to POWER. Can anyone tell me how to do this? Please Help. Thanks Ashish
What is the reason? You can do your schematic in proteus and then export netlist to eagle.
Hello, I have a proteus schematic and use Cadence Allegro. The problem I have is creating a netlist in proteus that can be imported into Allegro. Honestly, I would like to convert the proteus schematic to another tool but do not as of yet see a way to do this. Regards, Eda
I have made my circuit in my proteus software. How can i convert it into a PCB layout so that i can get a pcb made???????? There are many method first just press ares icon from isis depend on pcb level minimum level required 2 or make netlist file and load netlist in ares then used placement tool and in final auto route it
ac cannot simulation it. use resistor to replace switch cap. then you can use proteus !
Hello I'm simulating.. well trying it xDD... proteus reports the error in simulation log: ... Build completed OK. Compiling netlist... Linking netlist... Partition analysis... PIC16 model release 6.3 SP0 simulating PIC16877 device. Loaded 256 bytes of persistent EEPROM data. Loading HEX file 'leds232.HEX'.
what is differ between proteus demo and prof. version? and where can i download library for it ? can i add VHDL model..anyone help?
any good idea?many thanks Added after 1 minutes: What about other EDA tools,say,EWB Multisim,etc
cant remember seeing a referance too it look in the help using the index for jumper and auto jumper etc settings details proteus isnt the best for single sided try out another and just use the netlist....
Hi all I've a problem capturing schematics to PCB in proteus pro (ISIS->ARES) I cant import a netlisting from ISIS to ARES. Really i can import the components from schematic to pcb design but i cant keep wires and connections. Why? I want make a schematic in ISIS, and get its PCB in ARES. I generate the netlist to ARES, but as i (...)