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I have MPLAB v8.92 installed on my Win8.1 64bits PC. I just installed an old proteus 7.9 SP1 version yesterday. Then I started MPLAB, -loaded the installed proteus pic-DEM2 MCW project -Loaded the associate .asm code file -Clicked Debugger/Select Tool/proteus VSM But doing so there was no (...)
Generally the major difference between a simulatoin working in proteus and no o/p in hw is due to the order of initializing the H/W . i.e the Control registers .. also proteus takes default oscillator at times if u dont provide any h/w that doesnt happen u have to select the config registers correctly in order for the H/W to work properly .
The attached file contains a very simple proteus circuit and program with a problem that has had me stumped for some time now. All the program does is write some data to a port and read it back in again in a loop checking the results. Every so often the wrong data is read from the port if any analogue component is connected to the port such as the
The hex will only be useful to simulate it in proteus or program the chip, not to modify the code. It will also be difficult for anyone to modify the compiler generated asm code so the software can only be checked/modified by a user that has knowledge of basic and pic
hi all i m beginner in proteus software... actually when i m trying to simulate the program, i realised only 2 type of file can be used in the processor ...which is ext. cof and hex file... i m using pic processor in this case. when i used hex file..i can't see any source code when i try to run single step... my problem now is i only have
hi here is voltmeter based on pic16F84a and all sources asm file proteus simulation for for your help regards Fragrance