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proteus 7xxx is too old. He just need 8 version.
Your circuit is fine. I will check the code and update. I think this is causing the problem. I guess it should loop from i = 0 to i < 16. The lcdbuf1 and lcdbuf2 doesn't contain anything and hence 1st coloum of LCD will be always blank but the 16th column will be filled. If you have proteus file then Zip and post it here. [syntax
how can i update the component library ?
Hi, Im novice in PCB Design in proteus, need your guide if I want to delete the resistor - chipres510r(SMT) and change to another RES(THT). Should I delete one by one and replace it by RES or there is another way to update all resistor in my schematics. Thanks
zip and post your proteus .dsn file. --------------update-------------------- It is working. Add these codes TRISE = 0b100; PORTE = 0x00; ADCON1 = 0b10100111; CMCON = 0x07;
Dear All I completed my RTC project with LCD As per proteus simulator it does not display and update the time. I added asm file and coff file and proteus file in the attachment. please advice where the wrong Thanks in advance 71515
I am trying to simulate a program written in microc for PIC 18F46k22 PIC , but i cannot find the 22 series ic in proteus .Ihave proteus 7.7 version , how can i update it .
Assuming you're using proteus, my first suggestion would be to update the software to a recent version. If this isn't an option, the following thread might be of some help.. In the future if you need help with software please at least specify which software you are using.
proteus can work with IAR, GCC and KALE, Labcenter Electronics - Supported Third Party Compilers I think you need to update proteus to a newer version, or you can load the hex file but debugging will not be available. If IAR doesn't create the hex file then check the program options. Al
Did you create a new project form scratch of did you use the same file from 6.9. I'm asking because the models in a project are preserved, if you want to update any device in the old schematic then select the component from the device list on the left and right click update. This will update the selected device to the new simulation (...)
Hi, I tried to simulate DS1338 with following simple codes. The same code worked fine with DS1307 but with DS1338 the internal registers will not update or change. That is the seconds print keep printing fixed value of the seconds which loaded at startup from system clock. Note that the main time and date registers are same for the both. Thanks
Hello Until yesterday, I used MPlab with proteus But yesterday, I have make the update with MPlab 7.6 and since, the option proteus of the menu debugger disappeared . so Can anybody help me ? Thank I reinstalled proteus without successes. :cry:
Does anyone have already had some problems when trying to simulate the analog comparators in proteus? Could someone send me a working example, it may be simple. i tried some using the PIC16F628 but it didnīt work . it seems that the interrupt flag is never set. Anyway i think it is a problem of my version of proteus.
LAST update : 03/02/07 00:21..GMT Hi all before we start download and install proteus pro demo version to view the various circuits on offer I looked round the net to find a serial to midi baud converter but the main problem with all everyone i found was it has latency above acceptable levels to be able to us
Hi Buts101, It will be very difficult to obtain a Spice Model of the ADC0804 but you can update you proteus 6.7 to the 6.9 SP5, it has the ADC0804's schematic model in the library NATDAC. Sorry, but I don'n know how to extract it from an Isis library. Bye
Hi. I've a problem when i'am going to simulate a PIC i n proteus, because In simulation step by step the program doesn't recognize this instrucction inside the ISR: bcf intcon, rbif And the portb doesn't update when i make changes. Can anyone help me? Regards.
HI, ALL Please find the extar library and modles for proteus this is the final release of last upload regards Fragrance