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Hi, I got a problem recently as below: How to simulate a proximity-coupled microstrip patch antenna with a slot in the ground? I have compared the results simulated by IE3D, Designer and CST , but only the result (VSWR) of Designer is a little similar to the measured result. The paper and the CST model are attached, and I hope someone
Hello all. Has anyone designed a proximity coupled patch antenna in HFFS v9.2 or v10 ? I have a design, but I have some questions, and a couple of problems... maybe you could help me out ... ? shak80(at)yahoo(dot)com
Hi, antenna_abc: There are two type of coupled fed antennas: (1) aperture coupled fed and (2) proximity coupled fed with multiple elements. For aperture coupled fed antenna, normally, there is more space between the slot and the patch. The more space for storing energy makes it wider bandwidth. Dr. Pozar and colleagues (...)
Dear all, I have a question on antenna design: how could we design an antenna which is insensitive to environmental changes, such as proximity objects? I know, I can try broadband antennae, but there is no guarantee they will work well. I can also try to put a piece of high-dielectric constant material in front of the (...)
why not make a wave guide like a shower rail or a folded alford slot to a circle placed at the proximity point of the radius using a dip ed dish back in like a splash shape on water of a droplep then you can mount rx and tx assembleys at any phase relativity using a simple poleriser