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Hello everyone, I am working on different types of feeds in Rectangular Patch antenna Design and was able to succeed with basic feeds namely Microstrip and Coax feed but was not able to obtain proper result for proximity coupling feed. I am not aware whether I doing it correct or not. For your kind reference I have attached my project file to this
What frequency? The term "proximity card" refers to the older 125 kHz devices as distinct to the newer 13.56 MHz contactless smartcards. You can also use diodes used as a varicap for fine tuning which increase in pF size with power rating but wide tolerance for any diode.
plz help me out in proximity coupled microstrip patch antenna using HFSS. if u guys have some tutorial on this plz forward me
I'm working also on msa, my goal is multiband and have got resonance at 1.5 2.4 3.5 on 40x40mm substrat, proximity couple method is using to feed for 50 ohm, but I'm stuck to reach a good bw for 1.5 :D I try to design new project for UWB on 24x24mm duroid 5880, can anyone share how the best technique to design, I still confuse how to bring the w
I am designing a piece of equipment that requires the mounting of the following items/antennae in close proximity (within a 15cm radius) ideally on the same horizontal plane: 1. a satellite terminal (about 10cms diameter) 2. a GPS transceiver (1500MHz and about 5cms diameter) 3. a GSM modem whip antenna (900MHz or 1800MHz)
can some1 help me to know how to obtain the length and width of the feed line in proximity coupled feeding for rectangular microstrip patch antenna.
Problems you may face: 1. It isn't temperature stabilized so expect some frequency drift as it warms or cools. 2. It isn't voltage stabilized, frequency will drift as the battery discharges. 3. The proximity of items near to the antenna will shift it's frequency. 4. Both sides of the tuning capacitor are 'live', expect the frequency to shift as yo
can some1 help me to know how to obtain the length and width of the feed line in proximity coupled feeding for patch antenna
What is your purpose? Are you trying to use the LCD to somehow modulate the antenna function, or are you just putting an antenna in proximity to a LCD display? I had to work close to an LCD display with a monopole antenna once for use in shopping cart handles. There are two types of LCDs: one has a big metal shield on (...)
Did you do an Internet search? There is no formula for bowtie dimensions that fits all applications. When you take some examples found on the Internet, you can scale them to the desired frequency. The length depends on the taper angle and proximity of, for example, a ground plane (to get directivity). By changing the taper angle (and dipole
Whoever designed that is an idiot. Without anything said about the intended operation conditions, one may get the impression. What's the intended operation frequency (I guess, 900 MHz GSM band)? Available field strength at the antenna? Output load? The circuit may work in the proximity (e.g. 10 cm) of an active mobile phone o
Hi everyone I am designing a proximity coupled microstrip patch antenna in HFSS. what should be place (I mean what material should be assigned) between the two patch? should it be air, vaccum or something else... i have tried both air and vaccum and the result are different
I have two 3G ceramic antennas operating in 850, 1900, and 2100 MHz band that are mounted in vertical and horizontal plane to compensate polarization diversity. Two antennas are 10 mm apart. I heard that when antennas stay closer than lambda/2, there will be a coupling effect deducts antenna performance. But how does the (...)
hi everybody. Can anyone help me for proximity coupled microstrip patch antenna? I use 2.45GHz frequency for WLAN, Length and width of patch are L=40.9mm, W=48.4mm. The width of microstrip line is Wo=2.48mm. What should be the exact position of microstrip line and also the dimensions of waveport for modelling in HFSS?
hello all in this time i want to make tv antenna using microstrip....anyone have tried to make this antenna? what's kind of feed is using for this antenna? proximity couple feed or anything else? thank's b4
im working on dual band microstrip antenna. using two patchs and feed them by proximity feed. are the dimensions of the two patchs must be different to get two bands? hey it depends on the frequency bands. I made dual band patch using one patch, using two patchs, and using one patch and some passive elements. if you
Hi, besus: If it is multi-layere proximity fed antenna, you can find an example in .\ie3d\examples\circ*.geo. Regards,
how we can draw the microstrip antenna fed by proximity coupled feeding technique in layer window?
Hi, I read in data from a card wirelessly using an RFID coil but when I introduce a magnetic field near the antenna coil, the data is corrupted. How would a filter be performed digitally to get rid of the low frequency magnetic field? The magnetic has to exist in close proximity to the RFID coil. Thanks
Hi, KBMani: Please try to define a port to represent the diode. You can force the port to be on or off on IE3D/MODUA without re-simulating it. Please try to make the proximity of the port close to the wiring condition in reality. Regards.