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plz help me out in proximity coupled microstrip patch antenna using HFSS. if u guys have some tutorial on this plz forward me
can some1 help me to know how to obtain the length and width of the feed line in proximity coupled feeding for rectangular microstrip patch antenna.
can some1 help me to know how to obtain the length and width of the feed line in proximity coupled feeding for patch antenna
Hi everyone I am designing a proximity coupled microstrip patch antenna in HFSS. what should be place (I mean what material should be assigned) between the two patch? should it be air, vaccum or something else... i have tried both air and vaccum and the result are different
I have two 3G ceramic antennas operating in 850, 1900, and 2100 MHz band that are mounted in vertical and horizontal plane to compensate polarization diversity. Two antennas are 10 mm apart. I heard that when antennas stay closer than lambda/2, there will be a coupling effect deducts antenna performance. But how does the (...)
hi everybody. Can anyone help me for proximity coupled microstrip patch antenna? I use 2.45GHz frequency for WLAN, Length and width of patch are L=40.9mm, W=48.4mm. The width of microstrip line is Wo=2.48mm. What should be the exact position of microstrip line and also the dimensions of waveport for modelling in HFSS?
Hi, besus: If it is multi-layere proximity fed antenna, you can find an example in .\ie3d\examples\circ*.geo. Regards,
how we can draw the microstrip antenna fed by proximity coupled feeding technique in layer window?
Hi, I got a problem recently as below: How to simulate a proximity-coupled microstrip patch antenna with a slot in the ground? I have compared the results simulated by IE3D, Designer and CST , but only the result (VSWR) of Designer is a little similar to the measured result. The paper and the CST model are attached, and I hope (...)
Hello all. Has anyone designed a proximity coupled patch antenna in HFFS v9.2 or v10 ? I have a design, but I have some questions, and a couple of problems... maybe you could help me out ... ? shak80(at)yahoo(dot)com
Hi, antenna_abc: There are two type of coupled fed antennas: (1) aperture coupled fed and (2) proximity coupled fed with multiple elements. For aperture coupled fed antenna, normally, there is more space between the slot and the patch. The more space for (...)