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Hello. I wanna read 125 Khz proximity card. I added EM4095 in my circuit. But I have noticed that EM4095 supply voltage is 5V. I wanna use same chip but runs logic level 3.3V and cheap. Can you suggest 3.3V 125 Khz transmitter. Thanks
Thats quite a long range for 125KHz RFID, it is normally used for close proximity, up to about 20cm (10 inches). Brian.
dear frens i purchased PP-110 proximity reader with rfid card how to connect with pc do i need max 232 level converter chip but provided document shows nothing i have a doubt please help me i need vb software to read the code for window xp sample code will do transmission rate=9600bps,N,8,1 sending method directly sent out after reading form
Check this proximity Security System
Hi, I read in data from a card wirelessly using an RFID coil but when I introduce a magnetic field near the antenna coil, the data is corrupted. How would a filter be performed digitally to get rid of the low frequency magnetic field? The magnetic has to exist in close proximity to the RFID coil. Thanks
here is the simple way to find codes in proximity cards
is anyone know how to design a proximity reader without expensive ic or device. please advice. thanks. wisely77