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STC8051+AVR+atmega Professional Kit is a high-performance development board with rich board resources. The board has many peripherals such as dot matrix LED, color dot matrix LCD, SD slot, ps2 port, stepper motor driver, DC Motor, infrared sensor and temperature sensor. It reflects fully STC microcontroller performance. Please see the (...)
we are belongs to india. can any body here to give some advice how to start business in endia. but i dont want to develop own product. our skill set: IIC, SPI, CAN, 1ware, ps2, CAN, Flexray, RS232, RS485, MUDBUS, microcontroller. we are having Knowledge on Both H/W and S/W developmet and manufacturing.. Pls Guide me (...)
Hello, I need to make a homemade ps2 keyboard using a microcontroller and a matrix keyboard (many little switches connected in a matrix. The micro will scan the matrix and output the appropriate data on the ps2 Has anyone already done this, any such projects on the internet? I cannot find any.
Some serial protocols need reading and writing on same data lines, like ps2 protocol. Let's say device1 is sending data to device2. But device2 can pull the line low and make a request. In this case, how does device1(a microcontroller) read the data lines. Let's say data is being written by (...)
Hai.. friends , i am trying to connect my ps2 keyboard with pic 16f876A microcontroller. my hardware and software are works perfectly but when i ues zebronics keyboad it's not working.. all other companies are working... for find the reason i check the clock frequencies of each keyboad.. all keyboards are work in same frequency except zebnonics
Hi, I wanted to emulate a ps2/mouse using a PIC microcontroller. I want my PIC16f877 based ps2 device to get initialized as a mouse when my PC starts up. I have written ps2 driver in PIC16f and i think it works fine becoz when i connect it to my keyboard ps2 port of PC (...)
check this Interfacing the PC's Keyboard. ps2 mouse source code sending code for ps/2 to protocol it means it will work for ps/2 keyboard as well as ps/2 mouse this program will trasnfer data (send by ps/2 device)on com port at 9600 baudrate #include #define
you didnt understand my question . My question is , how to interface microcontroller to ps2 keyboard . Please reply. Thank you.
yes you can interface PS/2 mouse with controller. You can use HT6523 PS/2 Mouse Controller with microcontroller. or VT5363,Single Chip USB/ps2 Optical Mouse refer this site. they have full explanation along with circuit and software protocol description ---------- Post added at 15:38 ---------- Previous post was at 15
I want to make mouse use atmel microcontroller. How can i write the code? please help me? Is this like as microcontroller serial communication? Am i do this way? connect mouse data to serial rxd pin. and am i write this way? clr ti mov sbuf, a jnb ti, $ (...)
chkout this site u can find tutorial for ps2 protocol
Your PDF describes the way a PC keyboard can be connected to a microcontroller .. In your case you need to do the opposite: simulate keyboard (keypad) .. Select a microcontroller and program it to read 4x4 keypad .. Then, take a look at the attached pictures .. One is showing timing on CLK and DATA lines, the other (...)
You may consider splitting this project into 2 stages: Stage 1: Display of fixed messanges .. Stage 2: Adding ps2 keyboard .. Here is an example of STAGE 1: Then using SEARCH and keywords such as ps2 and 8051 find projects on connecting keyboard to 8051 microcontroller .. Regards, IanP
Hi, I am looking for a ps2 mouse code in C. can you provide any link or code.. TIA, Tom
Probably he wont to upgrate ps2 to see more ...........(unorigional !!!! )........... Bojan
This project it is a good starting point, because the author offers the source code.
Hi i need a Source Code that implements the ps2 Mouse and Keyboard functions to a 8051 microcontroller. Have only one seen such a Source ? Thanks