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Hi, I am an EE uni student and have been currently working with Verilog on the Basys3 for the past few months. I would like to program the FPGA to be able to take input from my USB mouse i.e. clicking on the left/right mouse buttons to trigger output such as LED or changing reg values. So far, I only know that constraints have to be set to the C
Hi, I am working an a project in which I need to simulate a USB mouse. I need to use USB protocol (not ps2). As usb protocol is to much complex to handle with VHDL, I am looking for an hardware module alowing me to do that. Basically a module to which I would send commands in a simple protocol, and the module would translate these comma
Hi I'm a student doing a project now and I run into some problems about testing two inout signals. I'm inserting a PS/2 mouse module with Wishbone, but before so I need to test if the signals can really be transferred. Here is my codes: PS/2 mouse is written in Verilog and I mixed Verilog and VHDL first. library IEEE; us
have a look at I think you need to use digital IO pins and do you own software to drive the clock and data using timer interrupts
I've bought several USB mice that come with a USB-ps2 adaptor. Where you could buy such a thing I do not know, mostly they get thrown out. Probably some PC repair place has a box full of such odds and ends.
Dear friends, I am currently doing a project, and due to the FPGA board limitations, I have to send data from FPGA to PC via a ps2 port. I want to ask; 1- Whether its possible or not (sending data from FPGA to PC via ps2 port)? 2- If its possible, what physical connections I have to alter or change? (that is because the FPGA ps2 port (...)
See this for USB, check videos The ps2 Keyboard Library for AVR AVR ps2 mouse readout example
Hi guys, Im trying to implement the connection of mouse/key to atlys (using interrupt) and I want to print on the terminal ascii sent from the key. I read the user guide and the demos from the digilent website. User guide says the HID are implemented by ps2 protocol. I found also an example where the communication at usb port is implemented us
This is the first time I'm using Verilog, so you'll have to be patient. I have a ps2 mouse code and a 7 segment display code for the Digilent Basys2 board I'm not able to tie the outputs of the mouse coordinates to the display. Have been at it for so long that I'm not seeing simple things, perhaps.
Hi, I wanted to emulate a ps2/mouse using a PIC microcontroller. I want my PIC16f877 based ps2 device to get initialized as a mouse when my PC starts up. I have written ps2 driver in PIC16f and i think it works fine becoz when i connect it to my keyboard ps2 port of PC and send make (...)
Hi, i have been trying to interface an optical mouse t0 my atmega32.i made the reading code work,but i'm unable to make the writing part work.the code below has to reset the mouse(oxff) and get the acknowledge(0xfa).on recieving this the an led on portB switches on.but the led is not turning 'on'.the code that i'm recieving is (0xbe).please help m
Here it is The PS/2 mouse/Keyboard Protocol
Hi can some one post me a example for using ps2 mouse in verilog.I am using Altera DE1 board.please help me.Thank you
In case you decide to write the code yourself - this page contains all info you'll need: The PS/2 mouse/Keyboard Protocol PS/2 mouse Interfacing
How to interface 89c52 microcontroller to ps2 keyboard? and what is the source code for it?
You mean you have removed the ps2 plug and have used a USB plug in its place!!! These two are not electrically compatible, USB devices need a driver circuit. A very easy solution is to use a ps2 to USB adapter, ebay and online stores should be full of them. 52595 Alex P.S. my picture on the left describes exactly
hi sir.... i have a problem with our project... one of its implementation is converting wired mouse either ps2 or usb to wireless, minimum 1 meter range... the question it possible? can you give me a hint sir of what will i be using.. i tried using usb to rs232 cable and connected rxtx data of the rs232 to my bl
yes you can interface PS/2 mouse with controller. You can use HT6523 PS/2 mouse Controller with microcontroller. or VT5363,Single Chip USB/ps2 Optical mouse refer this site. they have full explanation along with circuit and software protocol description ---------- Post added at 15:38 ---------- Previous post was at 15
hi, i am doing my project where the steering,accelerator,brakes,gear system of a four wheeler are to be replaced with a mouse. mouse------->micro controller 8051--------->stepper motors--------->vehicle parts. so i need the details of interfacing a mouse with 8051. can i have the basic details please......... thank you.
Has ps2clk, ps2data fpga I/O pin signal level converter to 5.0V TTL (with 4k7 pull-up) ? You must connect bank power supply correcttly. I/O signal level voltage is depended on bank power supply only. Iostandart constrain have effect on xst timing analys only.