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hi everyone. i am beginner in signal processing. and have homework to find psd of any eeg signal and by using neural network determine a class. i am planning to find if anybodys eyes are open or closed from eeg signal. please help me about it. in which format i must use eeg, there are lots of formats. and how to use eeg database; which channels
I'm just doing a power spectral density (psd) analysis of a signal in time domain. I'm following the fft method described in gives the real physical unit for the psd. However, the unit is "power", is that mea
I'm working on frequency domain analysis of HRV. I need to find out the power spectral density of rr interval series with fft using MATLAB. After finding out fft of the linearised rr series, i am unable to plot psd. I am confused regarding the Frequency Vector. plz help.
Hi... if anyone help me to choose which is the best parameter (ridge density, ridge count, minutiae, texture,etc) for setting threshold in fingerprint.
I am involved in a project dealing with in Transit Vibrations. From what i understand as of now, There are 3 methods of getting the final result i am looking for which is a psd plot. 1. Taking fft of the signal and squaring the magn. divided by frequency. 2. fft of autocorrelation method. 3. pwelch function. using (...)
See The Designer's Guide Community Forum - how to estimate the psd of a complex signal in MATLAB
Hi, Plot the power spectrum density of your signal using the psd function of the calculator. You'll be apple to see the spurs.
how to do that without using "psd" command? Thanks!
If you need time domain -- use a BPF or you use the psd function for FD interpretation.
i think can use calculator function psd to perform SNDR, 10*log
How do people estimate the effect of sampling switches noise on a cirсuit level? I was doing long transient simulations, than fft and finally got psd from which I could get the SNR and estimate SFDR. However it seems that transistor noise source are not included in transient analyses and Matlab behavioral simulations show that the thermal

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