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I am designing a channel encoder (BCH/RS/Turbo) + Modulator based digital communication system in simulink. My blocks in the design are 1) Ber. B. Gen/Ran Int Gen 2) BCH (15,7) or RS (255,223) Encoder & Decoder 3) Qpsk/M-ary psk Mod & De Mod 4) AWGN Channel the problem i am facing is the input to the modulator/demodulator should (...)
8psk feed-back gardner symbol sync farrow interpolator decision directed phase sync gain control variable delay simulink matlab 7.0 psk8_fb_symbol_sync_fb_phase_sync_agc_2009_08_19.rar
Hi, How can i simulate a psk bandpass demodulator in matlab? Thanks in advance see this link
Costas loop impractical scheme for 8psk. Frequently used phase decision directed approach.
I am looking for a FSK modulator or psk modulator IC to use in a ISM Radio Design. Need help on locating a vendor for this part. Please help.
In the demodulator side, should the period of the input ( or the duration of one message) be given? Is it necessary that the output should be equally spaced in time like that in the input of the modulator? I'm having some problems during the shift from one frequency to another in FSK or, in other words, the boundary between two different input d
Bpsk demodulator psk (Bpsk) demodulator Regards, IanP
Weis Guy, psk and Qpsk are much more complicated modulation than ASK and FSK, so it is diffucult to find a IC doing it, maybe easily you can find a complete transceiver or transmitter...You can search on globalspec