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Hello Friends. I want to explore matlab in digital communication step by step. I need help in developing basic code for bit error rate and Data rate.Please help me find this. For example i used "pskmod" inbuilt function and passed the modulated data through a awgn noise after that i demodulated using "pskdemod" inbuilt function now i want to calcu
is 't' your trellis? and what 'tb' are you using? and since you're essentially doing a bpsk demod with pskdemod(b2,2), try doing a slice to implement hard decision bpsk demod (demodout = (b2>0) ), or use b3 = real(b3) in your code.. post the answers you find, and we'll discuss further.
use pskdemod(Input,4) I assume you coded wav data into binary before transmitting it. To get help you have to explain your question is more detail
Hello, I am trying to plot the BER of BPSK, but it does not work correctly, I do not know why. I am using the following code: M=2; chan=rayleighchan(1/10000,100); tx=randint(50000,1,M); txSig=pskmod(tx,M); y=filter(chan,txSig); SNR=0:2:20; for n=1:length(SNR) rxSig=awgn(y,SNR(n)); rx=pskdemod(rxSig,M); [nErrors,BE
Hello everybody ! I want to simmulate a Rayleigh channel with BPSK signal with following code =============================== chan=rayleighchan(1/10000,100); M=2; tx=randint(nbit,1,M); dpsksig=pskmod(tx,M); fadedsig=filter(chan,dpsksig); snr=0:1:20; for n=1:length(snr) rxsig=awgn(fadedsig,snr(n)); rx=pskdemod(rxsig,M); [ner