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You could consider to use the Cypress psoc microcontroller family. There you can build a lot of digital blocks.
If you have the right application they are pretty good. Download the psoc Designer software from the Cypress web site. Buy one of the development boards to experiment with. There are loads of complete projects and application notes on the Cypress web site. There is also another useful web site - psoc Developer I think - with application (...)
Hi, The psoc1 core was M8C whereas psoc3 has an 8051 core and hence the programming codes and instructions as well as registers will be different. Cypress has some very good example projects in psoc3 with ADC and I2C published in their website. You can use them as a reference and start building your project. Regards, Anitha
It depend up your target aplication. In my case, I was used to test an AED based on QRS algorythm detection. I done it using a psoc uC. The board receives a value from PC database and send to D/A module. Note : 1 ) Due Windows is a multithread operational system. The board - timed by crystal - send an interrupt to PC software in order to
For an upcoming Independent Study class and for a few upcoming projects, my friend and I have been feverishly working on getting the Cypress WUSB modules interfaced to PIC microcontrollers. There is virtually no documentation out there about using these other than the manual and a psoc example. They have been used in several commercial (...)
What is the required O/P of ur circuit? is this a stand alone temperature sensor or this amplifier is to be interfaced to a uC chip? Some uC families (like psoc from implements a really reliable building blocks suitable for this type of interfacing.
I like Cypress psoc as best microcontroller, with inbuilt Analog & Digital Blocks, with 16K Flash and 256 bytes RAM, And in June they are coming with new controller having 32K Flash and 2K RAM. Easy to use and Free IDE as psoc Designer and C Compiler cost only 150$ so its cheapest.