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Have to do this. Using psoc Designer construct a communication link capable of bi-directional data transfer. Implement an RS232 and SPI serial communication link. Using these communication links, develop application code to transmit, receive and verify a framed data packet which consists of preamble, data payload and termination character. The
Hi all members!!! I'm a new psoc Designer. I'm Writing in C. I want to send an Int value to serial port of computer In the TX8 toolbox they only talk about displaying a Hex Value. Help me!!! Does anyone have some sample code on how to send a Int value?
Which is the best mixed signal programmable arrays (mixed signal asics or psoc or ...etc.) and why? I am new in this field and I want to select one of them , I have a circuit includes low speed a/d and amplifiers,analog filters interfaced to the serial port of a Pc , and want ot convert it to a single chip with some other active components.
Anybody to know something about free selfmade programer about Cypress psoc chips ?