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I have downloaded 45nm bulk cmos models from PTM website. However, I am getting convergence error while simulation in pspice. I have tried many convergence tricks still I am getting the same message" ERROR(ORPSIM-15138): Convergence problem in transient analysis at Time = 14.94E-12. Time step = 3.726E-21, minimum allowable step (...)
Hi all, First of all I've never used orcad pspice before.I have cmos model parameters at following link 1-)I saved model parameter as a txt file. 2-)I changed its format from txt to .mod file. After that i dont know what i should do? I'm waiting your help. ps:sorry about
Can any one tell me how build a cmos circuit by using pspice 16.5? How can I select a model, such as Vth, L,W,U?
I cant find the tsmc cmos 90nm spice model on the internet to use it on pspice ... does anyone have it pls ?? I used to work with the tsmc 90nm model on virtuoso but i dont have virtuoso anymore as i am not running on linux anymore and now i have work to do for my university using the tsmc 90nm cmos and as (...)
Hi all, I'm searching the spice model of TOSHIBA TC4SU69F. Does anyone have it?
Hi all, Can anyone share some parameters involved in 250nm Bicmos process.Such as Vt0 , Cgd, Cgb, Cds etc of the NMOS and PMOS structure.
hey, i wanna simulate a cmos inverter on pspice, and i was asking about the number of the cmos component in any library ? can anyone help me with the model number and the library name , thnx in advance
I am working on current mode circuits. for simulation i need .35 um cmos AMS technology... As still a beginner in pspice, can anyone tell me where to get the required parameters for the above technology?
Hi everyone: I am learning to use pspice and meet a problem. I had build my own model and generated the .lib and .olb files. However, when I use my own model such as a cmos in a design, the part can not connect with the model in .lib and .olb. When I try to click "Spice model" to try to (...)
is it possible to have a model for IC 4021, IC4017, CD1417B, or 74AC161 in pspice, i just neet to simulate a ciruit that has Crystal oscillator circuit and a cmos CD4017B but i couldnt find it in pspice lib
Hi sjamil, You and erikl guessed right. pspice supports EKV2.6 is MOS Level5, but EKV3.0 is not supported so far. .. abhajn
The TLC555 low power cmos timer model is included with pspice.This is the same as the ICM7555 timer from Infineon ,according to the ICM7555 data sheet. Get the model and datasheet on the TLC555
Hi.. I have a parameters of cmos processing,but it only can simulate in pspice. Could I use this parameters and transfer it to a new model of APLAC? Could anyone answer me this question and tell me how to translate this parameters into APLAC file? Thanks in advance~
Hi.. how we can calculte the Cox of cmos using the parameters of pspice cmos model TSMC 180nm . thanx
my teacher gave me this cmos Schmitt Trigger DC analysis Vdd 5 0 dc 5V Vin 1 0 dc 1V m5 2 1 0 0 mn l=1u w=1u m4 3 1 2 0 mn l=1u w=2.5u m6 5 3 2 0 mn l=1u w=3u m1 4 1 5 5 mp l=1u w=1u m2 3 1 4 5 mp l=1u w=2.5u m3 0 3 4 5 mp l=1u w=3u ,model mn nmos vto=1 gamma=0.4 kp=2.5e-5 ,model mp pmos vto=-1 (...)
Numbers of refered MOS Level in difference SPICEs are also different i.e. Level 49 in Hspice and Level 7 in pspice mean the same thing that is BSIM3v3 model. For tip to convert Level 49 HSPICE models to Level 7 pspice models can be found here.
orcad 9 have sch2cap.exe need msim.ini & convert microsim pspice sch to orcad capture format
i want to study bandgap reference source.But if i use 0.5um cmos processing how can i set BJT parameter in HSPICE or pspice?Is there any website just like MOSIS providing BIcmos fabrication parameter for HSPICE or pspice?
Can any one tell how to simulate with OrCAD 9.0 pspice the possible noise of cmos operational amplifier. :?:
Do you know how to simulate a cmos transistor circuit with "pspice BSIM3v3 models" in Proteus? If it is not possible with BSIM3v3 then tell me what type of MOS transistor model is needed? My goal is to simulate an already existing pspice schematic with Proteus. If possible please attach or PM me (...)