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Discrete.olb cannot be used for Simulation flow. Only the libraries lying inside the following folder can be used for pspice simulation - \tools\capture\library\pspice To make parts from discrete.olb simulate in pspice, do following - 1) Add property pspiceTEMPLATE with the value (see the part from (...)
There could be 2 possible reasons - - You might be using wrong symbol libraries which are not meant for simulation. Always choose libraries from - tools/capture/library/pspice - Your model libraries may not be configured properly. You are using very old version of pspice, I am not really sure about the (...)
Hi, I designed a step-down converting circuit. I was able to get the simulation working but then I added a shunt resistor and the TSC101c currenst sensing amplifier and I get a convergence simulation issue. I tried the TSC101c model in an other circuit and it worked fine. Thank you for the help 117770 Schematic:[ATTACH=CONFIG
Looks like you are using transistor.olb to instantiate the BJT. The library is not meant for simulation flow. For simulation purpose you should use libraries from location - /tools/capture/library/pspice Use bipolar.olb from above location.
Hello All, Is it possible to convert the pspice netlist to schematic view, If possible how do I do it. Please help me Thanks,
For schematic targeted for pspice simulation one must use capture symbol libraries from ../tools/capture/library/pspice/ folder. I suspect you are using symbols from ../tools/capture/Libray folder itself.
I'm not sure if this could contribute to generate the error shown, but could just as trying, use templates to the device from other libraries: This App note employs above model and provide some tips:
You need to attach a SPICE model to the component. You can either review existing comnponents from the pspice symbol libraries, how they connect the model. Or study the pspice user and reference manual.
You have used the wrong GND symbol. You should only use parts from the pspice libraries in which case the GND symbol will be labelled zero. Keith
open pspice, click on file then you will see import option there. select that and browse to select .cir file you want to import. I think you need library files in CAPTURE. and in capture, i think, we can import schematics only; libraries can not be imported(not sure).
I think this sort of problem usually arises from using normal Orcad components instead of ones from the pspice libraries So you have no associated library/model for the part. Keith
You want to use only components from the Orcad libraries in the pspice subfolder.
can any one help me to find library files for dac08 and lm348 in orcad...
The problem is rather trivial, I think. LM311/TO is from the regular schematic design lib, not pspice/opamp.olb. Do you see an option to edit the assigned pspice model? It's only present in the pspice component libraries.
you can 2n2222 pspice model in following pspice libraries zetex Bipolar Eval These libraries are installed with default installation. If you are using Demo (Lite) version of installation, you will have "librarybrarry. Other two may not be installed with that.
** Creating circuit file "V1_5025_trial.cir" ** WARNING: THIS AUTOMATICALLY GENERATED FILE MAY BE OVERWRITTEN BY SUBSEQUENT SIMULATIONS *libraries: * Profile libraries : * Local libraries : .LIB "C:/lm5025-Library/lm5025.lib" * From section of C:\Cadence\SPB_16.5\tools\pspice\pspice.ini file: (...)
The OLB is the library, the LIB is the SPICE model(you should be able to view that with a text editor like Notepad). The IND is an index files I think. If you show a link to the files you have downloaded I can have a look unless a more experienced Orcad/pspice user can chip in first. Keith
A straightforward way is to use only components from the pspice specific component library. You can import manufacturer library models that are prepared for pspice and Orcad schematics. Review the pspice manual how to import generic SPICE models to newly generated library components.
Use the parts from libraries present under ../tools/capture/library/pspice folder.
Download the libraries and use them with Orcad pspice or any other pspice program. The model is generic pspice model