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Hi all, Can anyone share some parameters involved in 250nm BiCMOS process.Such as Vt0 , Cgd, Cgb, Cds etc of the NMOS and PMOS structure.
How can I associate the pspice lib model at ConceptHDL Symbol? Which are the Proprieties that I must select and Where I do it?
you should try the LM385 from opamp.olb from ../tools/capture/library/pspice folder. It seems that you have used this part from an library under ../tools/capture/library This should also fix the Less than 2 connections issue
Follow the first method. This should modify the breakout part model as per your new model parameter assigned by you. BREAKOUT ==> MBREAK4 ==> right click ==> edit pspice mode pspice model editor opend with txt file .model Mbreakn NMOS do i copy my nmos section of BSIM4 (...)
hello everyone! do someone have pspice model , or know where can i get the models of this transistors thank u
The error you have is because the IC hasnīt a pspice model, you can find it in capture but itīs only the draw. The pspice model you can found it using Google or in OrCAD website (Iīm not sure if itīs on website). This has happened to me many times in some ICīs. I hope it is useful to you.
Which version of pspice you are using? I could get this successfully simulated in 16.5.
Looking at the pspice IGBT equations and model parameters, I don't see, how tail current should be represented. models can be verified in a test bench. Did you try? Presuming that the standard IGBT models don't implement tail current, there would be of course an option to add it by analog behavioral modelling.
hey, i wanna simulate a CMOS inverter on pspice, and i was asking about the number of the CMOS component in any library ? can anyone help me with the model number and the library name , thnx in advance
Do you want to develop the model or you have SPICE model and you want to create a symbol for it? ---------- Post added at 16:37 ---------- Previous post was at 16:35 ---------- for associating symbol for an existing model, please read topic How do I create a schematic symbol from a vendor SPICE model and use
Download the libraries and use them with Orcad pspice or any other pspice program. The model is generic pspice model
Hi Friends, I want to simulate my circuit in Orcad pspice. I did not find the library for the component(STE53NC50 Mosfet) i am using. Can any body help me how to create the pspice model for this part or can some body share me the library if already used. Thanks and Regards, Viswanath
What have you done to the model to get it to work with pspice? Level 54 is Hspice BSIM4. Berkeley use Level 14, I am not sure what pspice uses for BSIM4. Normally you would simply need to change the level to the correct one for your simulator then look out for any errors on specific parameters. I usually check by duplicating the graphs (...)
Hi everyone, I am trying to model an NPN Transistor in pspice using a .model file, but am having trouble converting transistor characteristics into characteristics you enter into the model text file. This is the first time I've tried a .model file and any help would be greatly appreciated. The (...)
I want to simulate the i-v charateristic of memristor.From your last reply i have understood that the two graphics obtained are correct.What do you [i
Hi. I'm designing a buck regulator. I'm using IR2110 to drive high side mosfet as switch and low side mosfet as a freewheeling diode. schematic is attached. when I run it on pspice the message come "there are no data values in section 1. ignoring this section". and output file message come "INTERNAL ERROR -- Overflow in device X_U1.E_MD3_DlyHS_ABM2
YOu can use model Editor to extract MOS model parameter from datasheet curve in pspice.
how to calculate the diode trasition and storage times using orcad pspice tool.I want to see the graph between time vs current which is attached to this link
I don't know, if your 1N914 model has a breakdown voltage. A real 1N914 won't work for 200V. You also didn't mention the coupling factor set for the transformer. With K=1, the two inductors behave like an ideal transformer. A real tranformer would have e.g. K=0.9 to 0.95. Of course, the pspice simulation can tell you exactly, why the output volt
Hi everyone! I am new to pspice and I want to simulate a mixed-signal circuit. I have a question about the digital component library in pspice. Like the logic gates in 74HC library, are these gate ideal model? Or these gates already come with their parameters, like propagation delay, input/output capacitance? Thanks a lot!!!!