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I think LEVEL=17 is not pspice compatible either. It must be HSpice model.
Hello, I would like to use UCC28950 controller in SABER schematics in order to control a phase-shifted full-bridge converter. I meet some problems to translate pspice model into SABER model. There is a following error message: 123974 But, I find that there are 2 news files that are generated, na
I am trying to simulate an active bandpass filter in pspice, unfortunately I keep getting the following error involving the operational amplifier: ERROR(ORPSIM-15143): Voltage source and/or inductor loop involving E_U2. You may break the loop by adding a series resistance. 123425 Here's the image of the circuit. I'v
HI I have a problem with altium designer 10 with a pspice model for OPA317 opamp. I have downloaded the pspace model it was txt file then I saved it as ckt file, and i added it to my project as existing file i used the ckt file as a simulation model file for op-amp OPA317 but at the end it is not working correctly (...)
Hello, I start to work on modeling of SiC based converters and need to have reliable model of SiC MOSFET in pspice. I found a CREE model of SiC MOSFETs C2M0080120D on the following website: However, after impor
Dear All, I download and add the pspice model of the ir2113 and some other in the ir21xx family. In the model, there is a COMP subcircuit. What is this? When I simulate my circuit I encounter with the bellowing error: "There are not data values in section number 1" Can any body help with? Regards, Ras
Hello, I'm using Cadence Orcad pspice . I'm trying to make time domain simulation to 74LS04 inverter . The input is non ideal square wave. When I measure the output , the simulator shows only the logic level output, but not the real time domain voltage. How can i get the real output voltage? Thanks
Hi, The question is related to pspice modeling. I want to model a capacitor using the equation Q = C*V. The reason behind this implementation is, 1. I can access the voltage across this charge source. 2. I can model a capacitance which has the dependency on the voltage across it. In pspice (...)
I need to simulate a circuit which uses the following ICs:AD8041,INA163 and AD8302 Can anybody tell me which simulation software have models for these ICs? TINA and Orcad pspice does not have these component models.
hi i am finding a text that describe model mosfet and capacitance in it ,that uses in pspice? where i can find?it should be documentary, a sample of model a mosfet. 121845 capacitance of mosfet 121846 i am searching help and usermanual orcad ,pspice i heared that in level 1,2,3 the models ch
Hi All, I am using pspice to get the nonlinear Memristor model simulation. A part of the SPICE model is as follows: Gxpos 0 x value={stp(-V(x)+lim_max)*stp(V(plus,minus))*((V(Plus,Minus))^q)*f(V(x),I(plus,minus),p)} Gxneg x 0 value={stp(V(x)-lim_min)*stp(V(minus,plus))*((V(Plus,Minus))^q)*f(V(x),I(plus,minus),p)} Cx x 0 0.00008 IC=0.1
I would like, if possible, any tutorial or handout to teach modeling transformers two inputs and two outputs used in the sources of computer or notebook.
Dear all, I am trying to use IR2127 as a gate driver for a Si MOSFET, but it doesn't work. When I tested gate driver circuit alone, it did work. However, when I connect the MOSFET into it, I got a problem which is attached with this post (convergence problem). I appreciate you in advance if you will be able to help me to solve this problem.[ATTA
I want to find power gain(S21) ,impedance matching (S11) and noise figure using s parameters for cmos LNA.And I want to do simulations in orcad pspice. How can I do that? please help
I believe you are talking about model shipped with pspice installation. Can you tell which model (lib) you are facing the problem with ? Also which version of pspice you are using ?
Hello, Why BSIM4 Mosfet model is called level=8 in pspice and level= 54 in Hspice ?? Why different names for Hspice and pspice ??? If I have Hspice model as given below, can I use the same model, as it is, in pspice. I only need to change the level = 8 in pspice. Right (...)
i am using pspice 9.2 version, i downloaded 6n137 pspice model from vishay official website. it is showing error while simulating the model 'IT' is not a model parameter name how to correct the code
i am using orcad pspice 9.2 ***** it is showing error while simulation the model/circuit please help where do i get library files the error message is ERROR -- Can't find library .TRAN 0 0.02 0 1e-8 .OPTIONS STEPGMIN .OPTIONS PREORDER .OPTIONS ABSTOL= 1.0e-4 .OPTIONS VNTOL= 1.0m .PROBE V(*) I(*) W(*) D(*) NOISE(*) .INC ".\1
how to debug the ERROR -- in pspice.... thank you
I know there are a few differences (for example LTSpice supports "ln" for log base e, but in pspice you have to use "log" for log base e), but I am a little confused on a couple of other things. One of them is the "B" sources. The LTSpice model I have has B sources like this: B1 2 1 I=(V(d2,d1))/((0.0000184*((V(Tj))**2)+0.004523*(V