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I have encountered a problem when importing pspice model of GaN transistor EPC2015 into ADS. The generated file includes a statement "ADS_SPC_IF" which is said "not defined" in ADS. How can I solve this? Can I import it into a net file, other than a schematic file, and then modify it with the syntax elaborated in this page? www.key
Most probably you don't have model library (having TL082 model) configured. You can attach pspice output file to have closer look.
Hello! Could you help me convert the following pspice code to hspice code especially the 'Bxx' dependent sources. .subckt model 2 1 Bset 1 10 v={v(31)*12} Rint 10 11 0.1 Vsen 2 11 DC 0 Cf 0 20 1e-6 Rf 20 21 1e6 Bf 21 0 v={i(Vsen)/1} Cchrg 0 30 {3600*1} IC=1 Blost 30 31 v=v(20) Bvsen 31 0 i={i(Vsen)} .ends Thanks in
I have a problem with altium designer 15 with a pspice model for a diode. I have downloaded the pspace model and saved it as a ..ckt. it is in the project file under advancedsim sub circuits. now when altium look for it can't find it. In my sim model popup the model name is correct, searches for any but (...)
I am wanting to set up a circuit using ICL7660 but in Orcad not on this component, you can get the ICL7660 model?
I'm using Orcad and sometimes the Microcap there program that generates pspice models from the component library (pdf) manufacturer
I noticed that in Micro Cap 10 library there is no component CD4016 or CD4066 to build a circuit to simulate. Does anyone know where I can get the pspice model or if I can use the model of another simulator?
hello any one aware of any optocoupler simulation model in pspice 9.2....i am using SG1525 pwm ic with 50 Khz...There r so many those r enough to confuse:roll:
is anyone aware of any PSIM version where SG 3525 model is available for simulation....i am trying with version 9.2 where the following error is showing upon trying to simulate the SG 3525 block No pspice Template for U3, ignoring....
tested the model that comes in the program and does not provide simulate the wave signal at the output and other simulators like multisim works already using the same circuit. I agree also, if possible, other models of components to add to the program.
I downloaded and installed the Student Version Electronics Lab "pspice" software. I have the following doubts regarding on the "pspice" software (1) From " pspice" software, can we import our normal electronic circuit and convert it into equivalent circuit for small signal analysis. (2) If we import our small signal (...)
Ineed help in pspice SOFTWARE. I want to simulate a circuit using 0.25um and 180nm from where can I get the libraries and how can I include it in pspice? Can anyone help me.
Dear all, I'm designing a neuron network in spice. For instance, i'd like to construct a BP network, but i don't know how to start. Now i have the model of memristor, and understand BP algorithm. can u give me a example of realization of neural network, and related papers ! thanks in advance!
Hello, How to integrate pspice netlist in OrCAD schematic. I've tried 2 appoaches: using Hierarchical block using Library part In both cases I failed: via hierachical block ... the port name exposed in netlist subcircuit don't appear in schematic, 2nd approach solicits model Editor, where there is no option for
There is no direct way to translate verilog A to spice. You need to use behavioral devices (E,F,G,H devices) and map the behavior from Verilog A to pspice.
Hi, i need to make a pspice part for simulation. the Maker company only gives this data. *Jun 01, 2010 *Doc. ID: 90412, Rev. A *File Name: part irfl9014_PS.txt and part irfl9014_PS.spi *This document is intended as a SPICE modeling guideline and does not *constitute a commercial product data sheet. Designers should refer to the *appropri
How i can find the pspice model for that IC.
the OFFSET pins of OPAMP TL081 are not modeled in pspice library but i want to use them. can anybody help me in that.
You want to read the pspice reference about the "inductor coupling and magnetic core" modelling. There are library "breakout" components that can be used to attach a model without setting up a complete new component.
I have the pspice model of an Buffer... what value i need to change so as to reduce its propagation delay. _________________________________________________________ *---------------------------------------------------------------- * 74ALS1034 Hex Drivers * * The ALS/AS Data Book, 1986, TI * atl 7/28/89 Update interface and model nam