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Hello Here is my circuit that I sweep current source from 1uA to 1ma 108607 and I use spice model in Datasheet of 2N3904 108608 as you see datasheet hfe-IC diagram and my pspice output (Ic/IB-Ic) they are so different in current 10mA (25C) 108611 108610[/A
Hello Why should we have a non pspice model component in pspice?(for example Diode in Design Cache library) and why when I added "MbreakN3" mosfet model from breakout.olb doesn't have w/L parameters? 108587 Thanks
This is pspice model for MPF102: .model MPF102 NJF (VTO=-3.061588 BETA=286.155879m LAMBDA=20m IS=10f RS=239.291052 CGD=1.542479p CGS=2.567003p PB=1.49 KF=7.905907f AF=499.953m)
Hello Experts, I am new to use of Verilog-A programming. I had question regarding the use of this language. I want to design the NEMS switch model using the Verilog-A model. Once I design this model will I be able to create a circuit simulation model of the NEMS switch which can be used as a model in (...)
Looks like either you are choosing the parts from wrong library or your model library is not properly configured. Can you post the pspice out file (file which shows the error).
Please help me to change the EPC1010 spice model to use in orcad lite 16.6 The file is here thanks
Hello friends, I am designing a circuit that uses a dual digital transistor with number FMG8AT148. I am unable to find its pspice model on manufacturer's website. Please somebody help me out. I need to submit this as an assignment. ........... Thanxx
Hello! I am trying to divide two voltages using AD539 in pspice I have the model and the part of the AD539. I searched for the data sheet and I implemented the divider circuit present there but I get wrong results (not the ones proposed in the datasheet). Attached are my circuit & result obtained, the connection were made according to the dat
Hello! I want to use the AD539 in pspice and I want its model. I don't have access to the Advanced Analysis Library List so I can't get it. So, please can anyone tell me where to find it or even send the model, I will be very thankful. Thank you in advance. - - - Updated - - - Or can anyone prop
Hi, Here is my code for SRAM for ead operation implemented using switches, can anyone help me where went wrong in the code, I am gettig both BL and BLB as high when i am trying to read a value of 1, which is stored in Q. Please help *source vdd vdd 0 dc 2 CBL BL 0 1pf CBLB BLB 0 1pf *initial conditions stored for read opera
No. They are so generic, that you have to tell what model you intend the symbol to represent. Then you have to tell it where to find the model, too. It's easy enough to convert pspice models for Spectre to use.
Hi I was trying to capture the component from hspice model for magnetic tunnel junction using orcad capture design entry CIS tool. which I did, but the problem is with the simulation since the tool has pspice simulator which cannot detect hspice model. Is there any way we can capture hspice macro model and simulate it. (...)
Does anyone have the model for Capture CIS / pspice?
pspice 16.5 add following four part numbers for Offline IC Switches from Power Integration: LNK302, LNK304, LNK305, LNK306. Does anyone use LNK304 to do a simulation? I want to know how to use the pspice model of LNK304 to do my circuit simulation.
Hi All, I have an idea to use switching frequency control for power converters. May I ask how to implement VCO in OrCAD pspice? Thanks in advanced.
hi.. i am trying to design thermistor in pspice using this equation R= R0 * exp( beta/t- beta/t0) my R0= 10k Beta= 3896 t0 = 25 deg i should find R. how should i write pspice model for this...? My circuit to implement the designed component is 105959105959 thank you
Hi, Ive got the following decleration .model SBREAK VSWITCH (ROFF=1E5 RON=1 VOFF=0 VON=0.5) . . . S1 24 36 37 0 SBREAK thats for pspice, it doesnt work on pspice... How can I port it? I think it should be something with a Gswitch, but I am not familiar with the syntax... help will be greatly appreciated! thanks!
I got a problem in OrCAD pspice ,I really need you help !! The error code is : **** 05/20/14 13:05:05 ********* pspice 9.2 (Mar 2000) ******** ID# 1 ******** ** Profile: "SCHEMATIC1-bai 1" **** CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION *******************************
hello all, I just designed a nems based switch in pspice netlist using the lookup table concept, Now i want to implement a inverter out of it how do i do it. Thanks
Hello Everyone, Can someone help me in building of new model based on its I-V characteristics in pspice. Thanks