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Dear seniors, i am new user of OrCAD capture. i made the circuit and when i run the simulation its shows an error : Less than 2 connections at node i can get ride of this error. i tried to reconnect the wires of resistor again and again but problem still remains the same. 104355 **** 04/18/14 11:
Probably a pspice macromodel or .subcircuit. What's wrong with it?
hi guys, can anybody provide me 1n6642 pspice model or is there any equivalent for 1n6642 with same physical characteristics, pls reply soon
Hello Everyone, Can anyone of you please help me in guiding how to design a memristor in pspice. i have got spice models but i don't know how to implement in pspice. Can anyone guide me please. and also can anyone of you post the picture of pspice model after designing in pspice along (...)
Hello, I have this stupid problem with Orcad. This lite version of Capture CIS has symbol libraries for the standard libraries of Orcad, such as counter, however there is no spice simulation files (.lib) for them. I try to simulate the design with built-in pspice, but the simulation fails and gives me this error: "No simulation data for marker V
Hi, I want to simulate a SOI MOSFET using Cadence pspice. Is there any model available to use or download? Soumendu
An op amp?s recovery time measures how quickly it returns to a linear mode from a state of saturation. Does the op amp model in pspice include the effect of saturation recovery? Many thanks. 101452
How do you properly import the pspice model for the ADG201A and IR2130D into TINA? Hope I will get a quick reply? Thanks, annriya
I'm not sure if this could contribute to generate the error shown, but could just as trying, use templates to the device from other libraries: This App note employs above model and provide some tips:
The question is if you actually need the non-linear core model for your simulation. It would be the case if you want to model saturation effects or magnetization losses exactly. I noticed that the magnetic.lib shipped with pspice contains only ferrite cores. Here's a simple silicon iron core model that I used for some (...)
This is SiC MOSFET and I don't think you would get readily available SPICE model for this device. You may want to try developing model using pspice model Editor by putting various characteristics and extracting model parameters. It also depends upon what exactly your interest area is, are you more interested (...)
It works fine for me after correcting the GND **** 12/30/13 21:11:40 ****** pspice Lite (October 2012) ****** ID# 10813 **** **** INCLUDING **** **** CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION ****************************************************************************** * source MINIPROJECT R_R7 N01243 N00774 1198 R_R2 N00941
Hope this helps. You can also refer Appendix on this topic in pspice user's guide.
Can someone tell me how to add pspice model in pspice software. i have downloaded one pspice model from "LM239" from texas instrument site, the file they are providing is "LM239.5_1"
I didnīt understand what the parameters your model was based. why donīt you perform a simulation at some tool such as pspice or some other else in order to take a fine tune ? +++
hello all, Actually am using in my circuit TLP185GB Opto coupler. This Opto CTR is 100(Nominal),600(Maximum). but this opto coupler pspice model is not available in ORCAD schematic design and website also. so i am try to use any one equvalient CTR value of TLP185GB. could you suggest? or am trying to vary the base resistor of CNY17-3 opt
Hi post the compressed project file, and which simulation soft you are using?? I am using Orcad Capture CIS to simulate in pspice. I dont readily have the pspice project though. Sorry - - - Updated - - - When i double clicked to view the property editor, in the PINS tab,
The scheme is provided in the message. The source of an alternating voltage is entered for noise creation. Thus start of modeling shows voltage a straight line (I start dc sweep with voltage step). How it is correct to simulate noise to see it on graphics? Prompt what to press in pspice. 97045
How to create the equivalent model of this diagram in the program?
Hi, I'm looking for ICL8038 pspice model. Help me, please!