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You need to model Operational amplifier as sub circuit block in pspice. You can also find the spice model from TI or ADI web sites. You may want to refer the following article , this has explained modeling CFOA in detail. Another good reference on this topic is
I think if you are able to get the pspice model file for your component, you can do.
Hello, everyone. I am desiging a PCB with Cadence Allegro. I uesd an ADI's AD8248 in my schematic. When I try to simulate the schematic with pspice, I can't find the appropriate model to reprsent the AD9248. I downloaded the IBIS model of AD9248 from ADI's website. Then I used pspice model Editor to (...)
Can anyone please tell what do we mean by LEVEL 1 or LEVEL 2 or LEVEL 3 and so on when we write the netlist in pspice or hspice while including mosfet models?
Hi I simulate a super heterodyne AM receiver. For that, i need a 455khz ceramic filter but i can not find it Or it is not exist in orcad capture. I find sft10.7 but have not pspice model. Also i need a germanium diode and i cant find it. Please help me guys.:cry:
To see if they are encrypted simply open them with a text editor and look. Unless they add comments/headers saying so, there is no easy way to distinguish is a Spice model is generic, Hspsice, pspice etc. Keith
Hey everyone, Can anyone please tell me how to use the models generated from PTM in pspice? How to input them? I mean shall I copy and paste whatever is generated and paste it somewhere? Thanks in advance.
Hello everyone, I am new to pspice and I need it to model a 22nm transistor. How can I do it and how to start? Thanks in advance.
Hello all, I'm currently working to create a spice simulation part for a OP-270 dual opamp chip. I'd like the model to include both opamps in the chip, U1A and U1B so that i can properly number my schematic, but still simulate it. As a test, I created a part based on the basic pspice OP27 part and added the simulation model by adding a (...)
hi any body can help me to know about the equations of brushless dc motor i want to model it in pspice with abm please help me i'm in urgent
You need to attach a SPICE model to the component. You can either review existing comnponents from the pspice symbol libraries, how they connect the model. Or study the pspice user and reference manual.
hi my friends how can i model a maxon motor in pspice?
hi my friends please help me find the pspice model of that or the similar like that i need it alot
hi, i would like to do noise analysis of INA129 using Multisim. i checked the pspice model but it does not include any information about noise modeling. I found noise model included in Analog Device ICs but in Texas Instrument IC s they are not present. So my question is : 1. if i do noise analysis using this ic (INA129) (...)
Hello everybody! I'm a beginner on spice softwares and here too 8-) I'm trying to simulate an analog multiplier IC from Analog Devices Manufacturer. I downloaded a "Spice model" from: So I got a file named ad633.cir and
pspice has a number of industry standard optocoupler models in OPTO.lib. It's not obvious however, if this (or any other library) represents all intended parameters, e.g. dynamical behaviour. Before searching for models, you should have an idea which parameters should be modelled. In some cases, it might be more promising to (...)
I think this sort of problem usually arises from using normal Orcad components instead of ones from the pspice libraries So you have no associated library/model for the part. Keith
You need to set this manually. Try placing mosfet from breakout library and Do edit model from schematic and define various model parameter. I guess you are new to simulation and modeling so first you need to out about this a bit more. You may want to try reading and doing exercises from "Learning pspice". You can access (...)
I want to simulate the following model in proteus. But this model is made in pspice, and Proteus only supports spice 3f5 ***************************************************** * GENERATOR_BEH.LIB * * * **************************************************** *BEHAVIOURAL model OF A PV (...)
Could you simulation this circuit by pspice ? Try config Nbreake-jfet spice model as datasheet. I had done this project long time ago, but not High Bitrate . - - - Updated - - - Could you simulation this circuit by pspice ? Try config Nbreake-jfet spice model as data sheet. I had done this project long time ago, but