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1. You need to save the spi file as .lib 2. In pspice configuration files, add this lib file under the Library Files option 3. Edit properties of your mosfet instance in the Capture design, and change the property value for pspice model. Enter the new model name as the value. e.g. irfp4368pbf 4. Now on simulating the (...)
It's hard on real model to simulate ? It's good for expect some noise, Not only study the mode of operations of equiment. Try more pspice models is the better.
i have tried with the memristor models. but unable to obtain the hysteresis loop... can anyone help me out with a perfect code?????
For simulation purposes will polarized and non polarized capacitors matter. I am looking for pspice templates for all the discrete components. any help appreciated. -Raj
I have got two problems using pspice: 1- when using transformer i encounter this error :ERROR(ORPSIM-15141): Less than 2 connections at node N02710. what is the matter?please? 2- using D1n4001/Diode i encounter this error: model D1N4001 used by D_D1 is undefined how can i solve the problem. thanks
Hi, There are many SPICE models. Some are HSPICE,pspice, ELDO . How can we differentiate the SPICE models ? What is the file extension for the SPICE model that can be simulated using ELDO simulator? What is the file extension for the SPICE model that can be simulated using HSPICE (...)
Hi, I think you have to save the .mod as .lib file and then import it to the pspice model editor and then save the component in the library as .olb(part symbol) and .lib(simulation)
I suspect you are doing the same thing as in your other thread - using parts intended for simply schematics or PCB layout which don't have Spice models associated with them. I would suggest you find a tutorial on using pspice and work through it first. Depending on the version of Orcad it may include a
The problem is rather trivial, I think. LM311/TO is from the regular schematic design lib, not pspice/opamp.olb. Do you see an option to edit the assigned pspice model? It's only present in the pspice component libraries.
i need to convert 10 volt in primary to 1000volt in secondary..i am attaching the circuit and waveform in pspice im using 1000 turns in primary n 80000 turns in secondary which is not practically possible..when im using 1:80 turns ratio im getting a distorted wave wat will be the reason for this?...
I think you'll find very few spice transformers that are modelled on coupling inductors, ideal or otherwise Your words are mysterious. Most people will model transformers as coupled inductors in SPICE. With pspice or LTSpice you have also the option to specify a saturable magnetical core with the K statement.
Hello, I need to simulate the harmonic distorsion of two OpAmps (ADA 4817 and AD 8033 and maybe other similar) at different frequency (range Dc to 20Mhz). I am lucky to have access to Orcad pspice. Unfortunately the models provided by Analog Devices tell " distortion is not characterized ". Any suggestion or workaround ? Thank You. The only
Yes. you should be able to simulate flyback transformer in pspice. DO you have design parameters available with you? based on that one can model the transformer model Let's take a example where Flyback primary is 1mH, turn ratio is 1:2, primary and secondary winding resistances are 1m & 2m ohms respectively model would (...)
you can 2n2222 pspice model in following pspice libraries zetex Bipolar Eval These libraries are installed with default installation. If you are using Demo (Lite) version of installation, you will have "librarybrarry. Other two may not be installed with that.
Can any one tell me how build a cmos circuit by using pspice 16.5? How can I select a model, such as Vth, L,W,U?
Does anybody know if pspice can run simulation on S-Parameter models? any help
I want to simulate my circuit which consists of hall sensor and its signal conditioning. Which simulation software should i use? LTspice or pspice or multisim? Thanq It doesn`t matter at all. All software packages can do - provided they have a Hall sensor model on-board (I don`t know if there is any). Or do you int
I work on the behavioral modeling of power components The software I use is pspice Schematics In my circuit I have to introduce a perfect diode. during the simulation it appears an error message '' the model Dperfect does note existe in the user library'' then how to create this model in user librerie ? thank (...)
Hi everybody I want the pspice model of the Solid State Relay (CPC1708) from CLARE please? Could any one help me in finding that Thanks alot
Do you mean non-linearity or temperature dependency? Linear and quadratic temperature coefficients are modelled in pspice. Non-linear resistors can be modelled by behavioral elements, e.g. controlled sources with polynominal characteristic. Refer to the pspice reference. In any case, the non-linear or temperature (...)