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hey everyone, can anyone help me how to get q2n2222 transistor in pspice, if it should be incorporated in the library by user itself, guide me with the paramerters to model, i need it for saturation region and switching mode for my circuitry. regards
hey, what should be the modeling parameters for bjt to make it run in saturation. please help v urgent. thanks
Hello everyone. I need simulation models for Max2472, Max2644, Max2750,,,,, i need to simulate them for my RADAR project, cannot find their any library anywhere.. pl help
I think the parameter you need is T_ABS added to the .model statement. There are also others such as T_REL_GLOBAL which may be of use. Check your documentation to see which exist in your version of pspice. Keith
Hello, i found this pspice model of a current noise source. I integrated it in pspice und wanted to simulate in a very simple Test circuit. It dosn't work. I always revceive this error message: FN0 is not defined with a little bar afterward that I don't know. The Noise source is supposed to contain a contstant part for the Thermic (...)
I would recommend pspice. You can create or use one of the existing MOSFET models for simulation of GATE Charge characteristics.
Probably U use the free version of software. If you are, then you could not able to use that component for SPICE simulation. But if you have the license version then go for following suggestions. 1> Check that you have not another simulation program in your computer. If you use one or more programs,then it may be interfere. 2> Try to uninsta
Hi. Where I can find max038 pspice model? Is there any other way to simulate it?
Hi all, I'm searching the spice model of TOSHIBA TC4SU69F. Does anyone have it?
In my view, the explanation in the pspice reference guide has all necessary information.
I think Tanner uses Hspice models. Often you can get away with simply changing the LEVEL= part of the model. What level are the pspice models you have? Keith ---------- Post added at 11:13 ---------- Previous post was at 11:10 ---------- By the way, this document
I looked at the Cadence / OrCAD site and they make no mention of BSIMSOI. That particular model may not digest well. pspice is not really oriented at IC design where you'd usually encounter the BSIM models. You might check the various free SPICEs though.
am looking for this ic SG6841 any body help which software i have to use. i searched in pspice, multisim library but i didn't find it.
It is still showing transconductance of 1S Looks like. But it's surely not a general pspice problem. You may want to inspect the generated netlist. Or post the project files.
Hi. I know this is pretty simple in HSpice, but how do I probe the cgs of an NMos etc. in pspice? .probe only gets V(), I() but no internal parameters... Thanks.
Hi, I have to develop a pspice model of voltage regulator (LDO). I tried to use the pspice model Editor to create the pspice model (based on template options) but I don't understand how does it work. Can you help me?...any suggestion or guide? For my opinion, it shoudn't be a problem to (...)
Hi I need to convert NMOS/PMON from HSpice (level 49) to pspice. I did see the PDFs around but I still get errors. I run on pspice 16.5 if it matters. It doesn't recognize the following parameters: m, ad, as, pd, ps, nrd, nrs, nrg, nrb. Also, anyone knows how to use the internal parameters? for example, I need: % w = 100u, and: % d
The terminal signal names of the subcircuit don't correspond to the internal used names, e.g. V_OUT11V versus V_OUT11. * pspice model Editor - Version 16.2.0 * Generated by Magnetic Parts Editor on 21.12.2011 * Trafo 4042-T1 .subckt trafo4042 V_IN1 V_IN2 + V_OUT11V V_OUT12V + V_OUT21V V_OUT22V + V_OUT31V V_OUT32V + PARAMS: + N
This is the correct syntax for pspice BSIM4 transistor? and this would give me the "best" off the shelf simulation w/o knowing the exact part. .model NMOS NMOS(level=8) .model PMOS PMOS(level=8) * inverter M0 VDD TEST_IN TEST_OUT VDD PMOS L=180n W=10u M1 VSS TEST_IN TEST_OUT VSS NMOS L=180n W=5u
I have got PMBD7000 (3 pin diode) pspice model from NXP Semiconductor web-site. This model contains 2 diodes and 3 pins in the diagram After automatic converting the spice file of PMBD7000(Lib->OLB) using pspice model editor and put the library in the OrCAD Capture window, only 2 pin symbols are shown in (...)