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I'm using Orcad and sometimes the Microcap there program that generates pspice models from the component library (pdf) manufacturer
Use the parts from libraries present under ../tools/capture/library/pspice folder.
hey, what should be the modeling parameters for bjt to make it run in saturation. please help v urgent. thanks
Hi everyone, I am trying to model an NPN Transistor in pspice using a .model file, but am having trouble converting transistor characteristics into characteristics you enter into the model text file. This is the first time I've tried a .model file and any help would be greatly appreciated. The (...)
in pspice model editor extract parameter options is freeze how to activate that one?
in ads there is a feature called netlist converter , it convert the model to the pspice model , to ADS model, and then include the model in the schematic khouly
Hello I need to use certain transistor PC3388, and it has no datasheet on A.D.S, but i have its datasheet.. Can't I write its model for myself? In general, how can I write a pspice model for A.D.S.? Is A.D.S. SPICE based simulator? Or Spectre? Or what? and how can i write my own model? Thanks in advance, Ahmad,
I want to model a real bjt IC Vs Vce Characteristics using student version pspice. I have used a pspice bjt model and tried to model a real bjt using .model parameters but it is not matching the real bjt characterisitcs. (...)
i want to study bandgap reference source.But if i use 0.5um CMOS processing how can i set bjt parameter in HSPICE or pspice?Is there any website just like MOSIS providing BICMOS fabrication parameter for HSPICE or pspice?