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Missing library include in tool configuration (e.g. onsemi_bjt.lib or wherever the said transistor model can be found). Learn about the pspice library concept!
Can any one help me how to create a TEAM (Threshold Adaptive Memristor model) memristor library in pspice. I dont know how to create a memristor library? Do I have to do some coding?
I don't see any MAX.olb under /tools/caplure/library/pspice/ What I see is maxim.olb. Please make sure you are using the olb's from above location. Can you attach your output file to get some idea about what could be happening wrong ?
Hello, i'm working on a project on pspice 9.1 student; i loaded every library but, only when i use opAmp lm741 or \mua741 there's an error: " Subcircuit LM741 used by X_U2 is undefined".What can i do?? Please help me and forgive my excelent english:???: (..)
I believe you are talking about model shipped with pspice installation. Can you tell which model (lib) you are facing the problem with ? Also which version of pspice you are using ?
i am using orcad pspice 9.2 ***** it is showing error while simulation the model/circuit please help where do i get library files the error message is ERROR -- Can't find library .TRAN 0 0.02 0 1e-8 .OPTIONS STEPGMIN .OPTIONS PREORDER .OPTIONS ABSTOL= 1.0e-4 .OPTIONS VNTOL= 1.0m .PROBE V(*) I(*) W(*) D(*) (...)
how to debug the ERROR -- in pspice.... thank you
Most probably you don't have model library (having TL082 model) configured. You can attach pspice output file to have closer look.
I noticed that in Micro Cap 10 library there is no component CD4016 or CD4066 to build a circuit to simulate. Does anyone know where I can get the pspice model or if I can use the model of another simulator?
Ineed help in pspice SOFTWARE. I want to simulate a circuit using 0.25um and 180nm from where can I get the libraries and how can I include it in pspice? Can anyone help me.
Hello, How to integrate pspice netlist in OrCAD schematic. I've tried 2 appoaches: using Hierarchical block using library part In both cases I failed: via hierachical block ... the port name exposed in netlist subcircuit don't appear in schematic, 2nd approach solicits model Editor, where there is no option for
hi every body I need to simulating inductor with steel core or iron core in pspice capture CIS, but I didn't find any library for this porpose. Is there any solution for this issue?
Looks like either you are choosing the parts from wrong library or your model library is not properly configured. Can you post the pspice out file (file which shows the error).
Hello! I want to use the AD539 in pspice and I want its model. I don't have access to the Advanced Analysis library List so I can't get it. So, please can anyone tell me where to find it or even send the model, I will be very thankful. Thank you in advance. - - - Updated - - - Or can anyone prop
No. They are so generic, that you have to tell what model you intend the symbol to represent. Then you have to tell it where to find the model, too. It's easy enough to convert pspice models for Spectre to use.
Dear seniors, i am new user of OrCAD capture. i made the circuit and when i run the simulation its shows an error : Less than 2 connections at node i can get ride of this error. i tried to reconnect the wires of resistor again and again but problem still remains the same. 104355 **** 04/18/14 11:
Hello, I have this stupid problem with Orcad. This lite version of Capture CIS has symbol libraries for the standard libraries of Orcad, such as counter, however there is no spice simulation files (.lib) for them. I try to simulate the design with built-in pspice, but the simulation fails and gives me this error: "No simulation data for marker V
Hope this helps. You can also refer Appendix on this topic in pspice user's guide.
pspice has a number of industry standard optocoupler models in OPTO.lib. It's not obvious however, if this (or any other library) represents all intended parameters, e.g. dynamical behaviour. Before searching for models, you should have an idea which parameters should be modelled. In some cases, it might be (...)
Hi everyone, I'm having trouble with pspice and it's that non of the parts that are placed into the circuit are added in the netlist except that sources. The problem is that, when pushing 'create netlist' button, some green circles are appeared around such parts in the circuit and I don't know how to fix this. Any help would be appreciated.