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I have downloaded 45nm bulk CMOS models from PTM website. However, I am getting convergence error while simulation in pspice. I have tried many convergence tricks still I am getting the same message" ERROR(ORPSIM-15138): Convergence problem in transient analysis at Time = 14.94E-12. Time step = 3.726E-21, minimum allowable step size =
I am using orcad pspice 16.6 full version and trying to implement the macro model of memristor. i am using this code to run .SUBCKT memristor 1 2 6 Eres 1 9 POLY(2) +(8, 0) (11, 0) 0 0 0 0 1 Vsense 9 4 DC 0V Fcopy 0 8 Vsense 1 Rstep 8 0 1K Rser 2 4 10 Fmem 6 0 POLY(2) Vsense +Ecopy -0.5E-10 0 1E-10 0 -1 0 0 0 1 Cmem 6 0 90nF
Hello, I need to simulate a circuit which uses 74HCT1G08 AND gate. I got an ibis model for this AND gate. I tried to translate it to spice model using IBIS translator in Orcad 16.6. Steps followed as shown below. - IBIS translator in model editor. - selected all. - selected typical user specifications. - regenerated dml files. (...)
Hi, I would like to model organic field effect transistor devices that I have developed experimentally in the lab. I am trying to use pspice to model the devices. I have tried using level 1 model to get some I-V characteristics and output characteristics. In my circuit, I have a NMOS transistor, gate voltage source, (...)
i want to create simulation model of a component which has spice model If you are talking about a standard device, this article seems to answer exactly your question: Important to mention that prior to know how to handle the suffs in Proteus,
I am not sure the if file format LV.sp is supported by pspice model editor. I have renamed the LV.CIR to LV.lib. Also LVNOMI.cir to LVNOMI.lib. This is ok, I think - I'm not a pspice user :-( The error screen in attached as ErrorWhileOpening.jpeg "... does not contain any
Missing library include in tool configuration (e.g. onsemi_bjt.lib or wherever the said transistor model can be found). Learn about the pspice library concept!
Implementing an analog behavior model with TIME variable dependency means to include an independent source to the model. Although the option is provided by the pspice ABM syntax, it's not genuine behavior modeling. I didn't yet experience a simulation case where a similar combination seemed useful. If there's a time (...)
Can any one help me how to create a TEAM (Threshold Adaptive Memristor model) memristor library in pspice. I dont know how to create a memristor library? Do I have to do some coding?
I think studying the spice model in analysis process then set parameter in spice program to more practical and proper for purpose . pspice has Monte Carlo analysis option , But no 3D graphics result shown .
Hello Guys. I would like to circuit simulation (System simulation) with various semiconductor IC in pspice or Various simulator. The main problem is that how to make IC simulation model for inserting IC operation to full circuit. Orcad supports inserting Verilog-A but it's not for digital IC. (Ex. CAN communication Transceiver) I would like
Read the pspice manual about the built-in switch model.
Hello, I would like to simulate a synchronous switched extraction circuit using pspice software. In the circuit, the switch is controlled by the voltage across the capacitor.How can I model the switch
'm using Altium Designer 16.0 I'm quite new to Altium Designer. First, I learned schematic and PCB design basics. Now I'm trying to simulate my electronics circuits which contains integrated circuits I've been searching on the net to find out how to do simulation in Altium Designer. I found some tutorial pages in its official website: Compo
I don't see any MAX.olb under /tools/caplure/library/pspice/ What I see is maxim.olb. Please make sure you are using the olb's from above location. Can you attach your output file to get some idea about what could be happening wrong ?
Hello, I have a simple circuit to test a varicap model in pspice. Inside the varicap model seems to be a floating node. Any ideas how to fix this? The circuit is this: 127835 The varicap model is this: .SUBCKT VARICAP 1 2 CTRL R1 1 3 1u VC 3 4 EC 4 2 Value = { (1/v(ctrl))*v(int) } GINT 0 INT Value = {
Hello, i'm working on a project on pspice 9.1 student; i loaded every library but, only when i use opAmp lm741 or \mua741 there's an error: " Subcircuit LM741 used by X_U2 is undefined".What can i do?? Please help me and forgive my excelent english:???: (..)
Hello can anyone help me in implementing a memristor model in pspice . I want to use the memristor in designing a circuit. I got the memristor Code from some research article but I dont know what to do of that code to make a memristor. I need step by step information plzzz?
I've searched the web for how to use the BSIM4 model to build sub 100nm MOSFETs in ADS but completely failed. I used ADS to translate a working BSIM4 model defined with pspice codes but it fails to translate, actually it gives a warning saying an instance of an undefined model.
Friends, I'm trying to import pspice model of "EPC2012C" (which is available on ) in ADS. ADS can import it without any error, but when I want to simulate a circuit including model of the transistor I face an error. It seems there is a function that has not been defined. Do you have any ide