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Hi, I have written A SIMPLE NETLIST code for pspice simulation of a circuit but I do not get the graph that I want. I am trying to generate a transfer curve (ID VS VGS) for a mosfet with a set of commands on a spice deck but all I get is a straight line. Please how can I get a transfer curve showing the device starting with a (...)
Dear all, I am trying to use IR2127 as a gate driver for a Si mosfet, but it doesn't work. When I tested gate driver circuit alone, it did work. However, when I connect the mosfet into it, I got a problem which is attached with this post (convergence problem). I appreciate you in advance if you will be able to help me to solve this problem.[ATTA
You are using a digital stimulation signal instead of an analog pulse generator to drive the mosfet, apparently without understanding the specific behaviour of the mixed signal (pspice AD) tools. Two options: - read the AD user manual to learn how to use the mixed signal features correctly - use a regular VPULSE source
Hi everyone, 115815115816 In the first picture, the circuit does not work when it is connected to the sbreak switch. In the second picture, the circuit works when it is connected to the gate driver (E) and the mosfet (IRF150), but the result goes wrong. I connected the upper dual flyback cir
pspice ( or similar ) models are either given by the manufacturer or extracted by measuring with expensive measurement equipments and softwares.
I'm trying to design a buck converter in pspice. The circuit works when I connect the mosfet to the supply (Image1). But when I try it with Vpulse, I'm stuck (Image2). What am I doing wrong? Please help me out guys. Been on this all day!! :-( 9955199552 Vpulse attributes V1=20 V2=0 TD=0 TR=0
Hi I am doing some power electronics project in which I m using Onsemi ICs. Onsemi provides pspice, ispice models. I am doing my all simulations into Proteus. So I would like to do these simulation into proteus. Eariler, I imported some mosfet pspice models into proteus as per guidelines given in the (...)
You need to set this manually. Try placing mosfet from breakout library and Do edit model from schematic and define various model parameter. I guess you are new to simulation and modeling so first you need to out about this a bit more. You may want to try reading and doing exercises from "Learning pspice". You can access this from OrCAD (...)
The polarity of the current source is indicated by an arrow and is according to usual SPICE rules, current flowing from + to - node. In case of doubt, you can refer to the pspice user manual.
I would recommend pspice. You can create or use one of the existing mosfet models for simulation of GATE Charge characteristics.
I looked at the Cadence / OrCAD site and they make no mention of BSIMSOI. That particular model may not digest well. pspice is not really oriented at IC design where you'd usually encounter the BSIM models. You might check the various free SPICEs though.
I usually prefer doing simulation along with hand-calculations. I am facing problem with mosfet modeling when it comes to: a) Extracting data out of the technology files and calculate the required parameters (like Kn, Kp, lambda and so on..) b) Modifying the technology files as per the design problems where all the parameters shall be mentioned
YOu can use Model Editor to extract MOS model parameter from datasheet curve in pspice.
I`m trying to simulate a square root domain filter using orcad capture...the design involves the use of mosfetS operating primarily in saturation. I used the library file accompanying the book "Microelectronics" by sedra and smith...they worked without any errors...however the circuit kinda behaved i decided to use a bsim3 model..i
you just need to include the model file path in your simulation stimulus file. e.g, inc pspice.lib
The circuit looks confused. I would be surprized if all gate voltages are within the allowed maximum ratings. This isn't a simulation problem, fortunately the computer isn't burnt by a wrong circuit. You have two different ground symbols in your pspice schematic, do they designate the same node? BTW. Please continue your same-topic post rathe
Hi; I am new to design of amplifiers using mosfets. I plan to design a High Gain Amplifier for a wideband. I am using pspice for the simulation. Please provide any tutorials, design rules, pspice Tutorials that can help me. Also, I need some material on using pspice for analyzing the frequency (...)
Hello, i'm having problems to probe the pspice model of a RF mosfet. the mosfet is : ARF446AB froam Microsemi( ). In their site they post a pspice model for their transistors.The model for this one is: ********** *SRC=ARF446;ARF446A/B;mosfets N;Power >100V;APT 1000V 8A 1.5ohm TO247-rf *
Does anyone know how to translate mosfet with level 3 into format used by Matlab?
Hello, I would like to drive IGBT or mosfet with SPWM signals in pspice. I could not do it so far. Where can I find model samples for this application? I appriciate your assistance in advance.