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I would like, if possible, any tutorial or handout to teach modeling transformers two inputs and two outputs used in the sources of computer or notebook.
The question is if you actually need the non-linear core model for your simulation. It would be the case if you want to model saturation effects or magnetization losses exactly. I noticed that the magnetic.lib shipped with pspice contains only ferrite cores. Here's a simple silicon iron core model that I used for some transformer saturation s
I have got two problems using pspice: 1- when using transformer i encounter this error :ERROR(ORPSIM-15141): Less than 2 connections at node N02710. what is the matter?please? 2- using D1n4001/Diode i encounter this error: Model D1N4001 used by D_D1 is undefined how can i solve the problem. thanks
i need to convert 10 volt in primary to 1000volt in secondary..i am attaching the circuit and waveform in pspice im using 1000 turns in primary n 80000 turns in secondary which is not practically possible..when im using 1:80 turns ratio im getting a distorted wave wat will be the reason for this?...
I think you'll find very few spice transformers that are modelled on coupling inductors, ideal or otherwise Your words are mysterious. Most people will model transformers as coupled inductors in SPICE. With pspice or LTSpice you have also the option to specify a saturable magnetical core with the K statement.
Yes. you should be able to simulate flyback transformer in pspice. DO you have design parameters available with you? based on that one can model the transformer model Let's take a example where Flyback primary is 1mH, turn ratio is 1:2, primary and secondary winding resistances are 1m & 2m ohms respectively Model would be .subckt FLBTR (...)
Hi.. can u pls help me the designing of an inductor-transformer used in the flyback smps converter.. the required coupling between the windings is difficult to obtain.. attaching the converter design, pls look for the inductor transformer in dat..84606... pls rply soon..
anyone know the best way to model a c945 and a ksd1616 transistor in pspice? also i am trying to model a linkcom ldt0297 transformer which i do not have any specs on. It has 5 pins on the primary and 2 in the secondary so I am thinking it is center fed on the primary. I use k-linear to model that in pspice. Is that the right approach?
* Ideal transformer with Center-tapped Secondary .subckt XFRM_LIN/CT-SEC 1 3 4 5 6 Params: + Lp_value=20mh + Ls1_value=10mh + Ls2_value=10mh + Coupling=.99 + Rp_value=.25 + Rs_value=.25 Lp1 7 2 {Lp_value/2} Lp2 2 8 {Lp_value/2} Ls1 9 5 {Ls1_value} Ls2 5 10 {Ls2_value} Rp1 1 7 {Rp_value/2} Rp2 8 3 {Rp_value/2} Rs1 9 4 {
- The output voltage of the bridge rectifier is the voltage across C1. It's not measured in your simulation circuit at all. pspice has a voltage differential marker for this purpose. - Alternatively, you can change the circuit ground from transformer star point to output V-. - Without a load, the output voltage is just the input peak voltage
In my view, the explanation in the pspice reference guide has all necessary information.
The terminal signal names of the subcircuit don't correspond to the internal used names, e.g. V_OUT11V versus V_OUT11. * pspice Model Editor - Version 16.2.0 * Generated by Magnetic Parts Editor on 21.12.2011 * Trafo 4042-T1 .subckt trafo4042 V_IN1 V_IN2 + V_OUT11V V_OUT12V + V_OUT21V V_OUT22V + V_OUT31V V_OUT32V + PARAMS: + N
I don't know, if your 1N914 model has a breakdown voltage. A real 1N914 won't work for 200V. You also didn't mention the coupling factor set for the transformer. With K=1, the two inductors behave like an ideal transformer. A real tranformer would have e.g. K=0.9 to 0.95. Of course, the pspice simulation can tell you exactly, why the (...)
Hi, Our team wants to design LED driver chip. But we do not know the confirmed flow in Cadence or other tools. For the LED driver circuit include some Discrete Element such as transformer, optocoupler... These elements do not have good spice models for simulation(some have pspice model, but how to use it in spectre)... Can anyone guide me a c
hello all , i want work whit magnetic designer soft ware to design the transformer for use in pspice , but in manual of this soft ware graphic that you can use the transformer that you design in isspices environment ., now i dont know that whether i can use isspice library to pspice library and use it or i can translate (...)
in pspice --paticularly-->orcad capture: where its locate the "probe" ? next in PSIM software: does u know to setting the values of transformer ? help me to clear my doubt genies by arul email:
hi guys! anyone out there knows what is the relationship between coupling factor and the distance, say in a coreless transformer? i am trying to simulate wireless transmission using OrCAD pspice 15.7. =) thanks! - al
Can anyone please provide pspice model for common mode choke?50uH
With pspice transmission T model and an optional parallel inductance, if a common mode voltage along the line is implied. You can see this inductor e. g. in Polyfet application notes. If no core is used, the loop inductance still exists. Using an inductance to model the common mode component, however is only a lunped element estimation.
I want to simulate a system that it has a balun transformer ,ETC1-1-13 Is there a pspice model for it?:?::?: if yes ,how can I get it?:?::?: THANKS FOR HELP