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hi could anyone tell me how calculate psrr of the voltage reference in dB at ac analyse by hspice? 125548 i want to get this result by hspice ? 125549
You'd probably want the psrr over frequency? Add a unit ac source to your power supply (either to VDD or to GND) and run an ac (or an xf) analysis. The ac voltage at the output represents the psrr.
how to simulate the osc jitter in hspice (eye diagram, what to do)? and how to measure the jitter using Oscilloscope? besides, if the reference voltage of osc has a poor psrr, then can the osc jitter be larger? that is, is there some relationship between the reference voltage and jitter? thanks.
This slide is from lecture note at UC Berkley. There is error message on Xbalun2 when psrr's simulating. Isn't the balun bidirectional ? The error message is showed below. "no input to vccs/vcvs at node 0:vo_diff defined in subckt 0" Can somebody help me to solve the problem ? Thanks in advance ! You can see the spice file below. **
The same with op design. <-90dB is good. What frequency is used for psrr<-90dB ? It is important !
if u r using spectre the break the loop and put the source and measure the loop gain by clicking on the ac analysis. and for measureing the psrr put the ac source on vdd and measur the gain at the output wiill be ur psrr by vdd and do the same for vss. if u r using the hspice then use middle brook method to measure the loop gain, and put (...)
I think you should also give a ac source when performing the noise analysis, where? For psrr, just add ac signal on top of DC supply voltage. For noise simulation, use .noise in hspice simulation.
for psrr, connect the opamp in unity gain configuration.provide analog groung at i/p.provide ac analysis on vdd.trace the o/p in log domain.this will give you the negative of psrr.for more details refer to allen hollberg book. for CMRR,short the i/p with proper i/p offset voltage at either of the i/p such that shorting the i/p and providing anal
As in any other simulator: add an AC component to you supply voltage; tie you inputs to signal ground by properly setting the DC voltage. Perform Monte Carlo AC simulation and look at you output node. If your system is an amplifier, then instantiate your main cell and make it to work in differential mode by using a copy of the AC source you u
allen's book ,page 320, there is an example of psrr for opamp, Maybe you can refer
hi,ereryone i am a beginner in analog circuit designing.i want to learn about some methods in which one can simulate circuit with hspice for psrr,openloop gain,jitter,noise,dynamic range and so on.what i mean is not syntax for hspice but that how to configurate circuit to do them. and i want to obtain some help from you for telling me (...)
dear everyone: how can i test the input/output capacitance of the folded cascode OTA with hspice? and if sombody have materials about how to use hspice for these applies testing iuput /output capacitance,loop gain,psrr,cmrr,i/o impedance,transconductance,gain at low frequency and so on,please give me. thanks regards (...)
The delay line is a differential one with two output:outp and outn,and i add a sinwave on the power supply rail,and a pwl wave of the same frequency as the input signal is used as x-axis, then no matter either of outp/outn or v(outp,outn) is showed on the y-axis,the jitter accumulation result is not good.Anything wrong i did? Thanks alot