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Higher voltage capacitors isn't a problem but stay to the same values and use low ESR types. As it's inside a psu, it is a good idea to use capacitors rated for 105C temperature too. The temperature can be higher inside the capacitor than ambient so don't be fooled by thinking the psu never gets that hot so low temperature ones can be used instea
Almost certainly you have burned out the rectifier on the -12V rail. It has probably gone short circuit and the extra load on the supply it is creating is shutting the rest of it down. Follow the -12V wire back to the psu. In most cases it will lead to a capacitor to ground and a wire-wound choke. On the other side of the choke will be a second c
test version. atx PC psu is used as power source, circuit charge battery with high voltage pulses with 1...999Hz
Hello. I have a 12V @ 16,5A XBOX 360 power supply(but this question do concern any commersial psu) but I need at least 24V output. I know that atx power supplies often can be adjusted by locating th feedback resistive divider and changing its values but I want to pose you a question. Lets say that I open up my XBOX 360 psu, where do (...)
Hi, Muhammad Ilyas Khan. That is charger on the base of atx PC
Hi First I have posted a question about this in another forum, Second, I am a novice, I have a little experience with building circuits so I can claim enough knowledge to get myself into trouble... Following a response to my other thread
got an atx DC-DC psu M2atx 160W. It worked well when I first bought it. I've not used it in a long time, and I've never used it for any substantial period of time. Mostly testing ideas. I don't recall it being
The pico psu is favourite device for fan-less PC. I have collected ebay data to see the volt and AMP needed to make One. Now i grabbed a Buck circuit with flexi voltage conversion via zener selected . This is Ckt-A And for the little -12V line Ckt-b is selected I am sure being a newbie there may be lot mistakes . Doubts
Hi. After reading some guides on the net, I decided to make my own power supply starting from an atx psu. I wrote down a sort of project and I'd like to know if in your opinion it's OK so that I start making it. Materials: atx psu Solder atx female connector Drill Project box 10x binding posts (...)
Hi guys, I started this thread because my PC's psu stopped working. When I opened it to check what the problem is, I found two elements damaged, they are a Power Mosfet (CEF02N7) and a resistor of 1.2Ohms/1W. Additionaly connected to mosfet gate there are a small IC, on something like a SOT23-6 package, whose code marking is EA546 or EAS46, the pro
I recently found several old PC power supplies thrown away by someone. I hooked them up and measured its output voltages without load and they gave me very low voltages... 3V in the 12V line 1V in the 3.3V line for example, was one of the psuīs :shock: So i went on and tested the basic components, fuse, capacitors, transistors, etc... B
Hi, I am trying to repair an atx-500 psu after the c3150 power transistor exploded in two pieces. Last night there was a thunderstorm which might be the main cause although this incident happened when the user tried to turn on the pc. Besides replacing this TO-220 device, which other crucial components should we check? Please note that the fuse
Some PC psu have a separate wire for sensing the voltage from connector. May be deal in this. Hope have not forgotten about +5V on PG.
You already have 24V in any atx psu.. Any modifications to psu will void warranty. Most psu's need a 10% pre-load of rated current on main supply to keep it stable but if already connected to your PC, just tap into the +12 and -12V pins. If standalone.. dont forget to jumper the POWER On to ground. 75423
Most of the atx psu uses 2SC3150 or 2SC3866 or 2SC5027 transistors for +5VSB Primary Section . Look at those three transistors data sheet - they all have Vce is 800V . But if you work in atx psu then you will see that Collector is Actually crossing 1000V, may be it is 1500V to 2000V !!! I thin
Start by carefully inspecting the capacitors on the motherboard. Capacitors are at great risk for failure. (It's possible like one of them is opening up). Make sure you don't have any stuck cooling fan. Check the 20/24 pins atx main power supply connector. You may chase out all of the psu wiring for short-circuits/bad connections. Many times when
Hi, first post here :) and an absolute noob to electronics so please bear with me. I'm doing a project at home for myself where I want to have a PCB behind the motherboard tray of a PC that acts as an extension for the 24pin atx cable + all the PCI-E power cables. Here was my first mockup of the 24 pin(Yes its really random colours :-P ) [IM
Sounds like you overloaded it. I would personely scrap it, unless you can see a component that has obviously burnt out. The reason is without proper test equipment like a mulitmeter and scope and a schematic of the psu then it could be very difficult to establish what has gone wrong. Multiple components could have been destroyed or any one of m
Hi, I get a atx psu 450W for Repairing one of my customer . But This psu have all parts OK . I am getting 5V PS-ON and 5VSB . The Power Supply is not running . But this psu is Running - When I make short Pin 4 of TL494 with GND and this time I do not need to short PS-ON with Ground . Just Short Pin 4 with Grou
Hi I got an active PFC PC psu its a 560W silverstone that started to behave strangely. It would not switch on but after some a night off it would switch on. Next problem at switch on it would shut down immedaitely back on and off continuously after a few seconds. Finally it stopped switching on. After pause and shorting psu ON pins it, the fan wo