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Hello I am making 1ma current source for constant - - - Updated - - - Sorry for mistake Continue......I am making 1ma constant current source for pt100 sensor using OP07 op-amp. I am using a voltage divider for negative pin and a series resistance for positive input pins. At the negative input pin
The only remark regarding to the use of some I2C-based sensor is that according to its original electric specification, must be placed near to the uC, but according to the link above, the whole circuit ( probe+CPU ) is intended to be at the same case, right ? Concerning to the temperature sensor, we've already used an pt100-based, and if you per
Dear Friends , I have a circuit which works as following : Mcu board : reads temperature via pt100 sensor , shows temp on lcd and it has to print the data on a thermal printer . Mcu board is working on linear power supply which powers voltage to pt100 circuit , mcu , lcd etc. The thermal printer requires 5V , 2A of (...)
Hello Sirs and madams!!! I am working on an application in which temperature varies between 20C to 160C and am using pt100 sensors for this. I have observed one thing that at room temperature the sensors shows the correct reading but as the temperature rises the readings deviate from the standard values, i.e, for temperature 100C(as per th
I am designing a circuit using pt100 which shows temperature range from -200 deg to 850 deg. I have temperature - resistance chart for pt100. Using that chart, i have designed a single conditioning circuit using op-amp. The output is about 0 to 1.9V (i.e., from the chart, 0V for 18.52Ω and 1.9V for 390.48Ω), and (...)
guys i need a help from u people. im working on above project.but im not getting the exact idea with microcontroller i should used. plz help me. thank u
Assumptions of the presented here circuit: 24V supply standard current output 4mA-20mA input stage implemented on OP07 A/C ICL7107 or ICL7106 converter for temperature measure measure
Somebody please help me interfacing pt100 sensor with ADC port. I need to interface pt100 with an ADC Port, PLease help me with the opamp circuit.
You will need a constant current source to measure resistance of pt100. See the application note
try an RTD sensor like pt100 or pt1000 ( class A type ). it can give you the required accuracy provided you use a decent analog processing circuit as sky suggested. and as you mentioned tat you want to control the temperature within +/- 0.1 F does not necessarily mean it should have that accuracy. It would be sufficient to only have the (...)
Your post is missing any information for detail help with your questions. Regarding voltage references, you'll possibly remember my previous comment that pt100 measurment is essentially ratiometric and doesn't need a stable voltage reference, if pt100 circuit and ADC are using the same reference voltage. Apparently, you didn't yet think (...)
Hi, I am designing a digital temperature monitoring system using PIC16F877A and sensor (pt100). I am required to measure and display the temp on a 16x2 LCD. I am using MPLab with Hi-Tech C-Compiler. I have a code but it does not seems to work. I need help on the codings.
Best in which regard? pt100 offers highest accuracy without calibrating the sensor, LM35 offers most likely sufficient accuracy for your application. Best in terms of least effort also depends on the connected circuit. If you are dealing with positive degree C temperature only, both can be operated with a single additional resistor. Data processing
the circuit uses a pt100 sensor for temperature sensing and then interfacing of pic 16f877a adc and then displaying using a 16X2 alphanumeric lcd.then transmitting the temperature reading via rf12b transceiver module and then interfacing it to a pc.. I NEED A C PROGRAM TO IMPLEMENT THE SAME,, 55079 IT SHOULD INCLUDE DATA ACQU
hi friends, I am trying to interface pt100 to microcontroller which has 10 bit adc. i have tried with voltage divider circuit with pt100. it is not working out . i am sending circuit diagram also which i have used .its giving an error of 4 deg variation. so please help me out with circuit diagram. i (...)
hi ALL can any body share me tested pt100 circuit for 20 to 100 degree centegrade temprature sensing with microcotroller. Regards
"pt100 RTD Evaluation Board"
What is your electronics background? why do you want adc 0804. what are going going to do with the ADC's output? Do you want to do the conversion of the RTD using hardware or software? here is a good site for info You can use the circuit on the datasheet datasheet of the ADC. if you
One issue with pt100 is, that you have to limit the operating current to a few mA to limit temperature error. This typically is handled by either using an AD with low voltage input or an amplifier. Basically, a pt100 measurement doesn't need a stable reference, as long as it's identical with the AD reference. A low noise analog supply is usually su

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