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Hi, Can anyone help using the ptm finfet model via cadence, I'm already used it but with common input, now I need to use it as a double gate with two independent inputs. Thanks in advance.
Check the public ptm model parameters!
Hi all! I need 32nm technology file to simulate a full adder using hspice. I found ptm technology file for nmos and pmos, but the full adder didnot have a correct output pulse. I would be very grateful if everyone ‎could guide me.
In ptm finfet model, where fin height is mentioned? i am using 32nm ptm finfet model file.
Fab/foundry model parameters are confidential; you can't get them (any more) without registration, or even need to sign an NDA. For private/educational use, ptm model parameters are recommended. By clicking Latest models you can find BSIM models for all your requested processes.
i have set of questions to ask in this forum though these are silly for you guys... 1) There are different companies (like ptm, TSMC, etc.) that provide model files for different technology parameters. what is the fundamental difference between them. what happens when i use ptm model files instead of TSMC (...)
* Beta Version released on 2/22/06 * ptm 130nm NMOS .model nmos nmos level = 54 +version = 4.0 binunit = 1 paramchk= 1 mobmod = 0 +capmod = 2 igcmod = 1 igbmod = 1 geomod = 1 +diomod = 1 rdsmod = 0 rbodymod= 1
hi i want to write a code of finfet in hspice but i wanna find a correct model of finfet same as BSIM-CMG i write this code and i wanna replace model of this code instead of 45nm & 20nm finfet code ** ptm-MG 20nm HSPICE model Card for HP NFET ** Nominal VDD=0.9V * This is sub 45nm FinFET prdictive (...)
You can get this PDK only from TSMC or from institutions/universities under contract by TSMC (e.g. MOSIS) if you sign an NDA. By this, it is not allowed to publish such a PDK. For research, you can use model files published by ptm, together with GPDKs from the to
Hi, I am simulating a circuit with netlist.I have l=45nm and using bsim3 version model file, My doubt is if i change the model file to bsim4 or else some other model files, does this has anything to do with the l value ? Can i use any advanced model file from ptm ??
We do a simulation of an inverter with nfin=1 and nfin=7 based on ptm 14nm FinFET LSTP model using HSPICE Version H-2013.03-SP2 32-BIT, respectively. The results we got were the same. We tried so many ways to figure this out, but never succeeded. Could anyone help us to figure this out? Many thanks. Rung-Bin
Hi, I am trying to implement a Modified FinFET SRAM Array which implements both independent and shorted gate models and I hope to implement it in 16nm node. Since 16 nm FinFET double Gate model is not directly available from ptm models, I would like to modify the existing 32nm DG FinFET models using the (...)
Hi Did you figure out how to do this? I think we need an elaborate script? I am also trying to do the same thing now. Please do advice.
Hi, I have downloaded 32nm ptm Finfet model. Can anyone tell me how to modify height, thickness and number of fins . Thankyou
You know you can download ptm 45 & 32nm double-gate FinFET sub-circuit models directly from their web site?
i have made xor file with use of ptm 45 nm file ,my result not correct ,plz help file is below * This is sub 45nm FinFET prdictive model .options post=2 brief ** subckt for NMOS ** .subckt DGNMOS NVd NVgf NVgb NVs .include 'C:\Users\suresh\Downloads\Compressed\45nm_finfet \' * front soi model card .include '
Dear scholars I design a circuit based on FinFET (the model is from ptm) in HSPICE. how to investigate circuit behaviuor in other temperatures? thanks
I am trying to work with ptm-MG model cards. But whenever I'm trying to simulate any code (e.g. inverter) in HSPICE, I get a warning saying: "model nfet device geometries will not be checked against the limits set by lmin, lmax, nfinmin and nfinmax. To enable this check, add a period(.) to the model name(i.e. enable (...)
Hello everyone, I'm using siliconsmart for library characterization, the model I'm using is BSIMCMG and ptm. BSIMCMG describes the mathematical model of finfet in verilog-A. ptm lists process parameters in their model files. When I was trying to import the spice netlists, I got the following error (...)
Hello I'm working with the BSIM-CMG (version 108) from Berkelery university using the ptm modelcards from ASU to simulate multigate transistors and I have a couple questions that probably somebody have come across. First, in the BSIM-CMG model there is a parameter called GEOMOD, which allows to select double, triple(FinFET) an (...)