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connect it to a transistor and use a pull down network :)
Depending on whether the MOSFET is NMOS or PMOS. NMOS is used for pull down network. PMOS is used for pull up network. So, gate is from 7407, Power to Drain and fan to Source, the other terminal from fan will be connected to Ground. Gate = The control of inversion layer. (...)
Hi... Static power disipation is the power dissipated when the inputs are not changing... In CMos we use complementary devices for the pull up and pull down network... So when either is on the other is off... so naturally there is no direct path between Vdd and Gnd... Only path exists (...)
It's a systematic design procedure... You should check on stick diagram first. In Euler path we are conceren on the pull-up and pull down current network. The important notation is the Vdd, input node( a,b, etc ), Output(usually denoted F) and Vss. The path should start with Vdd (...)