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1000 pwm , sound 1000 , inverter 1000 , 1000 watts
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Microprocessor PWM units are not well suited to drive stepper motors. Instead use timer interrupts and pulse pattern generation in software.
My panasonic ac servo motor accepts step and direction pulses. If i give 2000 pulses it makes one full rotation. Why people are saying pwm pulses, in pwm pulses we can change only duty cycle it is possible to set pulses like 1000,2000 etc kindly tel me what type of (...)
how much pulses will be there in a second for 1khz frequency
I set Voltage Monitors in CST MicroWave Studio. Output comes in two formats: time domain (Called Voltage Signal) and frequency domain (called |V| linear) I excite with 1000V pulse. The structure is lossless, made of PCM In time domain I see my 1000 V, however in frequency domain resonant peak shows me 51000 Volts! (...)
Hi, At the receiver side you can use a counter for which clock is supplied using a pulse generator. When ever you press the button of the TX, the pulse generator present in the RX, should generate a pulse. This will increment the count of the counter (0000,0001,0010,0100,1000, so on..) on every press of a button from (...)
How to test a pulse transformer which is used in the VFDs (inverters) ? whether three phase output or a single phase output ......... How can i get to know that the pulse transformer is working and its firing the pulses at the gate of the SCR ? thanks
Hi, I am looking for the high speed proximity event counter c software code for at89c52. The application is to count high speed pulse and the after it will be multiplied with the multiplication factor and then the result to be displayed. result = count * multiplication factor. 100 = 1000 * 0.1 I am posting my source code if any one corre
. I need to get this information for all incoming pulses to deduce rise time characteristics of the incoming pulses. If you need to measure rise time, you need to tell us what the expected rise time is; it has nothing to do with the pulse width. You can have a 2uS pulse with 1ns rise time, or a 1000nS rise t
For the 15V voltage pulses on output, using a 150 ohm resistor, we get a pulse current of 0.1A. In this situation maximum pulsed power in the resistor = 1.5W. You need to consider using a minimum 1W resistor. Using BTB04 series triacs, IGT = 10mA, you can to change the resistor value up to 1000 ohms, so a normal (...)
Hi there.. I have a few stepper motors.All of them are 6 wire unipolars. I m using pic 16f877 and a power circuit which has L298.(not L297 ) I could run one of them succesfully using 1000,0100,0010,0001 pulses.But I couldnt run other motors,although I identified the wires using multimeter and tried all possible pulse sequence.(24 (...)
We need pulse dc Power source i/p 3ph , 415 V , 50 Hz O/p : 0- 1000V , should be able to source peak current 700 amps , o/p needed Dc pulses of 50 msec should deliver constant power.irrespective of voltage level ( min or max ). Warning! Select correct section before posting Read rules, announcements etc.
What about the fifth pulse ?
Hi there, I want to build a perfect square wave using spectre, but vpulse imposes that rise and fall time must not be zero , So how to build a perfect square wave?? Thanks Julian
Can any one tell me the difference between the "pulse skipping" and "the "burst mode" commonly used in dc-dc converter to reduce switching loss. Thanks Scottie
Hi Highlander-SP, First of all, note that the transfer function rejects all frequencies between –1000 Hz and 1000 Hz. All other frequencies pass with unity gain and a delay of 1 ms. The pulse train is periodic with fundamental frequency 2.5 KHz. The fundamental and all its harmonics pass across the transfer function. The only (...)
I'm looking for a pulse Generator or Power Amplifer schematic that can supply a square pulse (rise and fall times < 10ns, 100ns to 500ns duration) with a frequency of 100 to 1000 Hz. It needs to supply at least 500mA and have a maximum voltage of 100 volts. I have some old test equipment that can generate the wave shape but can not (...)