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Hi there! I have an assignment that goes as follows: pulse compression by using a Linear FM signal 1) Consider a (real) Linear FM signal with a center frequency, f0= 1250 MHz, a bandwidth, B = 100 MHz, and a length, T = 0.15 ?s. - What is the required sampling frequency, fs? - Derive an
I want a matlab source code of adaptive differential pulse code modulation for audio compression. please reply if you know it very well thank you!
Hi iam murali krishna doing mtech final year ,my project for final year is use of pulse compression technique for MEDIUM FREQUENCY RADAR (ATMOSPHERE) can any body help me plz
Dear friends, I need a binary code of length 48 for my radar project. I searched a lot and could not find anything. barker codes have a maximum length of 13. I need one having a length of 48. Thanks
hi all can anyone suggest me pulse compression techniques for four-phase sequences and also the calculation of their merit factors.
What is pulse or data compression? Benifits of compression in digital communication. How it work in optical domain and its adavantages?
No feedback is used in RADAR. Linearity is not a problem as all that is needed is to detect the presence of a pulse. pulse compression methods are FM or PSK which do not need linearity.
Match filter gives maximum peak signal power to noise power. Design of match filter in the case of white noise and color noise and its equations is available in many textbooks. If we get far from this design, we have not best SNR. This filter called mismatch filter. For example, in biphase pulse compression the match filter is the code which slides
There are two main parameters. The transmitter and receiver can be at the same spot. If they are not it is called bistatic. Then the transmissions can be continuous or pulsed. Then the parameter measured can be radial speed, range, or both. The transmission can be modulated to produce pulse compression or not.
Hi, the main use of chirp signal is for pulse compression in radars. Regards.
Hi for all I heared about leaser compression and it is to compress the pulse or the time of the pulse also,it's a hardware compression so,I want to know more about it and the diff between it and the normal compression by software tanx for our time