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A good pitch to try is between 500 to 2500 Hz. It's a range which is easy for the human ear to detect, and easy to produce from a piezo unit. Can you devise a program to turn the 4kHz tone on and off at a rate of 500-2500 Hz? There are piezo beepers and buzzers. There are 2-wire piezo units and 3-wire type. Some types require a pulse train to dri
hello, All is allready included in the zip file .. source + hex in particular the file pulseMeter.cfg wich contains config bits.. just open the project (with all files in same directory) That All P16F628A 1
I need to set up the input capture peripheral on a pic 33F using ASM language. The objective is to convert a 0 to 1400Hz frequency from an external pin into a 11bit variable ranging from 0b0000000000 to 0b10101000110, however this needs to be calculated on a pulse by pulse basis (period between pulses) as to have a higher (...)
If you are simply counting then you can use one of the timer modules which can count from an external pin. If you want to measure pulse rate then the capture mode may be more appropriate. Do you have a schematic? You will need to ensure you have a clean input signal to prevent miscounting. Keith
100Hz is easy with one pin and PWM. Set a sutable PWM rate and send values from a sine look-up table to set the pulse width. One external resistor and capacitor will give a sine wave as good as a DAC can produce with a fraction of the cost. If you really have to use a DAC, use a sine table scaled to +/- 127, add 127 to the result so you get val
i want to measure the oxygen rate of person using pulse oximeter sensor and display it in LCD using pic giving input in the form of voltage to pic controller.According to the voltage level,i want to vary display in maximum voltage will be 440mv and min will be 1/0mv.i want to display 99% if my voltage is 440mv else 1% for
output pulse count indicate rate of power consumption usually 1188000 pulses = 1kwh (1 unit).
50 Hz repetition rate is a standard, but it's not critical. With analog servos, the repetition rate possibly affects the servo gain, digital are mostly insensitive to it. 1.5 ms pulse width should move the servo to neutral position.
Could anyone provide some help on programming pic 16F 883 microchip to transmit a modulated pulse Infra Red(IR) LED light with carrier frequency of 38Khz and the data rate of 5 Hz. On the receiving end, the other 16f883 microchip will have to decode and read the Infra red pulses. I am currently doing on a project of Infra (...)
The only way you can really do it is to send pulse trains to a single bit port. You can connect this to an amp, or even drive a high impedance speaker or transducer directly, if it is just for low level sounds. A single tone would be just switching the port on/off at a predetermined rate, usually by doing it in a loop. You even have pulsed (...)
hii i m new to the world of pic. I have gone through the datasheets of pic. Now i need to calculate the heart rate using pic. My analog circuit gives pulsed output and i need a pic to calculate the pulse rate. The algorithm can be as follows : 1.Start (...)