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Hello, I'm a designing a circuit in which I got a positive triangular pulse as output. My question is : Is it possible to have s parameters for this positive pulse.
There are many easy ways to convert a pulse to DC but hand-holding someone with no experience about EMI and signal characterization, might be beyond me. . I am not sure of the shape of your ac pulse, the source impedance and if it is floating or grounded. If you can answer this, perhaps a diode clip circuit, and fixed (...)
Due to expectable beam divergence, you get about the same pulse shape at 100 and 250 m (a gaussian pulse of serveral ?s width). Intensity will decrease with 1/distance according to the vertical divergence. So it's mainly a signal amplification (and possibly noise level) problem. The detector bias circuit has to be (...)
AC coupling configurations usually seem to result in a noisier system whenever I have looked at it. A tuned circuit load actually works quite well, but is only really applicable to certain types of signal. It might be applicable to your circuit if you have a fixed pulse shape you are looking for. I guess an inductive load (...)
Using a capacitor isn't the best way to do it as you will lose the pulse shape and some of it's amplitude. A monostable is the real solution. The value depends on several factors, primarily, how much current is available from the pulse and how much is being drawn from it by your counter. You cant try this but I give no guarantees: (...)