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You can generate variable pwm using one timer and one pot also. 1.make port pin ON. start timer with ON time period 2.when it expires load OFF time period to timing registers. and make port pin off Whenever adc value gets changed calculate new ON, OFF values for timer registers
The short answer is "it depends" If you want a three phase inverter, you may need one microcontroller with multiple pwm outputs. adc resolution is not really critical (8 bit gives better than 1% accuracy at the full scale)- but again, it depends. If may be better to have multiple adc ports so that you can check different faults (...)
Can some explain alternate dead time ALTDTR value calculation Given code and comment is from Microchip reference codes uController dsPIC33FJ06GS101 Few parameters adc and pwm clock is 117.92MHz ((FRC * 16) / APSTSCLR ) = (7.37 * 16) / 1 = 117.92MHz pwm output is complimentary with center (...)
Hello, I'm new to this forum and programming microcontrollers. I have programmed some however I'm not an expert, in fact I consider my programming quite dirt. Anyway I have this problem with a PIC16F1718 (I almost know the datasheet from top to bottom) I'm producing a pwm signal for converters. We were asked to control frequency and duty (...)
I have problems reading adc value, I have left justified result and need to read the bit 7 & 6 from ADRESL and save the value into CCP1X and CCP1Y to control the lowest bits of my pwm duty cycle. I have searched in my header file, but cannot find there how I can read the bits from ADRESL, I have been (...)
Hello there could you please help me to handle the variation of pwm signal duty cycle using a potentiometer on RA0 of the 16F1936,I am using assembly and tried multiple time but I failed.please could you help? I want to vary the pwm singal for CCP1,CCP2 and CCP3 of this microcontroller,I want to control (...)
HELLO i make one program in mikroc with 2 undlessloop one for pwm one for adc the program is blocked in 1st loop how can i correct this bug read two undlessloop at the end thanks a lot
I am using LTC1799 IC to generate a sys_clock signal of 1.83200 MHz for my project. In my project i have to use all channels of TIMER 1 and TIMER3 and TIMER0 to generate pwm cycles. Now i need to interface adc128s102 to my microcontroller. This adc runs on SPI protocol and my goal is to (...)
An analog signal generated by pwm at a digital pin can also carry multiple frequencies.
Hi, using VCC as reference.... Are you sure it is stable enough, free of noise, filtered? It seems you built a motor control with pwm. Then there are high power pulses. I recommend to start conversion at a dedicated point of pwm. Then the values schould be stable and reliable. Do you have a picture of your circuit / PCB layout. (...)
Hi, Our basic need is to open solenoid(s) 0 to 100% using MCU. Functional description of hardware is listed below. 1. Total no of solenoid to operate is 12. 2. Current source can very from 0-500mA (please see attchment). 100495 3. Current sensing is needed only for Over and Under current protection and error gen
how could it exit it is still trapped in the endless while loop ? - - - Updated - - - i changed it long r = 0; long rold = 1; and it enters the for loop without changing the input voltage. and the pwm changed up and down automatically not sure what you are
I can help with mikroC code because it has pwm library.
Even if you were polling the adc channels, why would the pwm channels turn off? Are you disabling them? If it was me, I would use a timer interrupt to periodically reconfigure the pwm module and sample the adc in the main loop. Post your code here so others will have a better idea of what is causing the 10ms (...)
I have succesfully done pwm and adc in the past 2 days and now wanted to do pwm interrupts. I have also successfully done external interrupts using INT0. I wrote the following code for pwm duty cycle control and doing A to D conversions within the pwm1 (...)
thanks for that it helps a lot :D and now the motor is running CW and CCW but another problem is that how can i limit the speed of the motor ? i see some people that use arduino uses POT to limit it but how can i use it in PIC ? thanks Speed of bldc is depend on current or voltage of windings. You can cont
I suggest to go for STM8 or STM32 Cortex M0 family. They have 3phase Motor Control pwm Timers and 12 bit adc. I think best microcontrollers - low cost @ high performance.
Hi everybody I'm facing some problems with the following code. I'm using dsPIC 30F2010 and clocking it at 128MHz (overclocking 8MHz crystal and 16x PLL). I'm generating a pwm of 100kHz. I want to make the AD conversion start with the special event trigger from the pwm module. The AD conversion is supposed to start when (...)
There are easy / cheap pwm conversions, but accuracy is not typically their reason for being; more usually they are a part of a closed loop assembly and not error-significant. I think a serial output adc and serial input DAC would be the most FO-link-friendly. If you have a multibit link (x4 is common) you can send data (...)
micro controller : pic16f7x software : mikro c pic pro my problem is pwm library of mikro c pic do not support low frequency & phase shift but i need 2 pwm pulses of 50hz with 180 degree phase shift with respect to each other . please suggest the simplest idea how to achieve this task ??? i have achieved a single pwm pulse of (...)

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